Sunday, August 13, 2006

The answered SOS

In my Déjà vu post I launched an 911 call to Dhafer..... and guess what? God answered my prayers and Dhafer actually phoned me all the way from Teheran. Thank you for making my world right with your wisdom, the pain is still there, raw, fresh and throbbing, but there is no darkness anymore alhamdulilah it is now bearable because it is shared.

I would like to thank God also for sending another messenger to me, his soft words and tender peaceful cultured voice and words were there to remind me that there is no use fretting over events I cannot control , but only the things that I can do myself, and I am the only one able to create my own happiness or sadness. I'm proud to know that you are Libyan, I've read those beautiful links you shared with me....I will post about that soon. Thank you I now believe I do have a guardian angel assigned specifically to me. And yes just in case I may have for one dark moment forgotten how lucky I am ... I am kneeling down on my knees and thanking God the Merciful for his prompt sign.

لا احد يسوى دمعتك يا هيلاندر الا لاهل

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