Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The US special envoy to the Middle East has arrived in Tripoli as the first high-ranking US official to visit Libya in more than 30 years.
William Burns will meet Libyan leaders for talks aimed at continuing political dialogue between the two countries (BBC)

Yes since last week there was heightened security around the premises of the Belgian Embassy where a US diplomatic mission is located. So the Americans are here we know that. On the plus side I finally do not have to worry about a parking place in that area and about being pestered by African immigrants who are stopping over here on their way to illegal immigration to Europe. The parking area is spacious, and clear no one is forcing me to have my car washed or watched . Sometimes if you don't agree to give them a small sum your car will be busted or at the very least the paint scratched. I'm not being racist here because we Libyans come in all colours , but these poor people have entered my country illegally in the hope of saving for a better future in Europe.

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