Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Libyan hottie, courtesy of BBC, Rola Ali is auditioning for another star search program called Star Academy....Good luck to her


smokey spice said...

Ok.. I've read most of your blogs. I still have no clue why you're traveling so much! And, yes, I'm super jealous even though I've done some good traveling in the last year. But it's like an addiction, I swear. My question is this: Is this all work? Can you get me a job doing the same thing?
kidding. Have fun and take care. Salamat ya ukht.

Highlander said...

I swear it's not work at all , wish it was as it would save a lot of expenses :)

Michael said...

I vote for Rola Ali!!! I vote for Rola Ali!!! I vote for Rola Ali!!!