Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 2007 favourites from the blogosphere Updated


" I was fourteen years old when I first began to study Hebrew. The only Palestinian in a class full of American Jews, I spoke of how I believed in peace, in tolerance, and in coexistence. But deep down lay another reason I was not so candid about. To learn the language of the oppressor was crucial, I knew. You taught me this lesson at a very young age.[..]Palestine is where we learn how love is painful, justice is an abstraction, and nationalism is a crime."

Libyano's comeback post

One of my best friends came back from Greece to stay here forever so everyone is bothering him with WHY DID YOU COME BACK HERE??!! like him I faced this question so many times before, I can never think of leaving Libya forever, there are things here you wouldn't find anywhere else like not getting a speed ticket no matter how fast you drive :P and a very long list of things you find here that makes us live outside this world

Lebeeya on PH's post Iran's Nuclear Program

America is always on a lookout to identify ‘a free pass’ to enter any developing country. They don’t really care about the authenticity of the pass. If they don’t find any plausible pass, they create one.

Healing Iraq

The sheikh has the choice of accepting insurgents, or worse Al-Qaeda, to operate in his territory, risking that Americans come after him and his family, destroy his property, or kill them all in a strike against "suspected insurgents." Or, he could join forces with Americans to form an "awakening" group, and then risk that insurgents come after him for collaboration. Or, he could simply pack up and flee the country, like millions of Iraqis facing this dilemma decided to do rather than choose one or the other. The Iraqi government or Iraqi security forces are clearly not an option in this equation for well-known reasons.


Maya M said...

I faced the same question as Libyano after coming back from a visit to the USA.
I prefered not to go in debth about my preferences where to live and why. Rather, I put forward a trivial reason, "I had no permission to stay longer." In some cases, I had to add with a false-surprise intonation, "You certainly don't suggest I should have stayed there as an illegal, do you?"
It is strange how people in some places, instead of getting down to work to improve their life, create a mass evacuation mentality.
The only thing still stranger is how some other people, while claiming that somebody makes their life worse than hell, refuse to emigrate no matter what - but let's not dig deep into my anti-Palestinianism now.

Highlander said...

I faced the same question as Libyano after coming back from a visit to the USA.

Libyano was not visiting abroad Maya :P he was living there and had all the necessary permissions :P yet he preferred to come back to live in Libya but yes I do agree with you there should not be a 'mass evacuation mentality' and I applaud your choice to live in your country whatever your reasons. BRAVO !

On the other hand with regards to the Palestinians those of them who refuse to emigrate it is their own choice if they refuse to leave their land. Their principles and reasons for doing so are comparable to yours when you chose to remain in Bulgaria :).

Maya M said...

Thank you!
I didn't mean that all Palestinians must leave. I wish them to have good life in Gaza and most of the West Bank. (Unfortunately, I don't see this happening in foreseeable future. So far, Palestinian self-rule is one of the worst self-rule failures on Earth.)
What I meant was - if political conflicts in your country make you so desperate that you seriously consider killing yourself and/or other people, and if counselling cannot solve your problem, you must pack and leave, to save your life and your soul.
When I was younger, I was unable to understand Palestinian suicide bombings and bought the propaganda that they were happening because Israeli "oppression" had made the bombers "desperate".
Only Sept. 11, plus much thinking, made me finally realize that being "desperate" is no excuse for murdering innocent people, especially if you are "desperate" because of an "oppressor" who doesn't even force you to stay where he is "oppressing".
Some native Europeans actually do almost the same. They see defending "their land" as their mission and attack immigrants. I hope, however, that they will never be regarded by the mainstream population as role models.