Wednesday, April 02, 2008

'Secrets in plain sight': every letter counts (updated)

I've always stated that our so called online ramblings do not get by undetected; our voice (s) as bloggers is/are heard in expected and unexpected places... You might wish to check below to be reminded of the importance of your words online whether you are writing about your diet, shoes, opinion on movies or even on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict....

"Whether it's developments in Russian politics, the spread of avian flu, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Asia or the technological capacity of enemy states, "there's been a significant shift toward relying more on open-source information [...] The CIA has set up an Open Source Center, based in a nondescript office building in suburban Washington, where officers pore over everything from al-Qaeda-backed websites to papers distributed at science and technology symposiums [...] the FBI and the Defense Intelligence Agency, are training scores of analysts to mine open sources and giving many of them desktop Internet access. "
[Source : USA Today]

Basically if you don't want your foes to know about something then don't write about it :P; as once something has been uttered to another person it is no longer a secret but enters the 'grey area'. Intelligence and counter-intelligence are thriving online which is how we end up with some colourful and entertaining stories at times

Hey but don't get paranoid now will ya ?

Update 12/4/08

To prove my point along the same vein but this time relevant to Facebook " [Israeli] defense authorities continue to surf the Net to make sure there are no further security breaches." [source USA Today , hattip Sabbah ].


Maya M said...

Glad to see you blogging again!
I agree that the writings of ordinary people like us in the Web are an important source of information.
Besides its eventual use in intelligence, it is a suppliment to traditional media, especially when the latter are censored. When our ice skating world champion killed a person in a car crash (, police and media initially tried to cover up the fact that he was drunk. However, the information appeared in Web forums.

Anonymous said...

Yeah :)

I am pretty sure, this is how the Iraq war got started. Some crazy blogger wrote that Saddam had WMD's!

enlightened spirit said...

welcome back dear.

I was thinking today, just moments be4 I check ur blog, as Dhafer is taking care of it , cann't u send him a post, from ur place where net connection is next to impossible.
I actually was planning to request u to do so, coz u r sooooooooooooo missed.
but here I am I just check ur blog to find a new post.

welcome back dear sis :)

UT said...

Great to see you're back and I do trust all is well with you dearest.

Well as for writing about what ever comes to mind to supposedly benefit someone somewhere out there hopefully and not with the intention of anything else !

Civil war , or other we want no part of as the results are obvious to the naked eye. Even the dummest of the dumn can see .....

May Allah protect us Libayn Bloggers from the evil eye and other !:)

shlemazl said...

Sure. Someone has to try and figure out when LWs and other nutters of this blogworld decide to blow something up.

Highlander said...

Thank you All for coming back.

Shlemazl I ditto this specific part "other nutters of this blogworld" . There is so much one can discreetly learn online.

Anonymous Blogger said...

Welcome Back Highlander!

To prove my point along the same vein but this time relevant to Facebook

Facebook and Israel...... well Israel and anything for that matter is a recipe for trouble.........

I agree one should always choose their words carefully online. Comments, blog posts even pictures carrying political messages posted as a hoax in hopes of grabbing the attention of friends on facebook can be misconstrued and land you in steaming heap of trouble.:P

May Allah protect us Libayn Bloggers from the evil eye and other !:)

Ditto that.

"other nutters of this blogworld"

I concur Highlander.

Their is much one can discreetly learn online. For example did you know that a growing number of radical Jewish extreamist's have taken up professions in the nuclear industry in prominent western countries(canada for example)?