Friday, January 16, 2009

Support a Gazan, international calls are free to Gaza!

Global Voices Online recently reported that "Bloggers are calling upon their readers to pick up the phone - and call the residents of Gaza to show them support." Check the post and support the bloggers as well.

This is a super idea, and comes to reinforce the generous step that the General Posts and Telecommunications Co (GPTC) in Libya had taken..

We received an sms on January 7th, informing us that in solidarity with Gaza, calls to the Palestinian Territories will be free of charge from any landline or mobile in Libya from now until the end of February 2009!

I have several Palestinian friends but I never dare call them because their number starts with +972 which is the code for Israel so we chat on skype instead.

I know that the Palestinian Territories have been assigned their own international code of +970 a few years ago but had no idea how widespread it was as there was some controversy and objection over that.

Ordinary Libyans and Palestinians living in Libya have made use of the GPTC offer and phoned their families and friends or even made random calls, some and I have first hand report of that have even fallen in love with someone at the other end. Amidst all the carnage there is still hope.

What are you waiting for ? go and pick up that phone


Maya M said...

I am sorry but I didn't quite understand the bit about not calling Palestinians because they share the Israeli code. Does it also mean that if you have Israeli Arab friends, there are reasons to avoid calling them by phone?

MusicLover said...

It would be nice that Libya does not over charge me for calling home when calls to Israel are 2 cents a minute, as if Libya needs more revenues.

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Highlander said...

Israeli Arabs or Palestinians are both Palestinians to me Maya :)I just won't be phoning Israel that's all.

Music Lover where is home ? I'm confused now :P
Thanks for the link.

MusicLover said...

This time I meant Libya as home in this comment but my home is Portland in Oregon not in Maine, USA. Sorry for the confusion.

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