Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June movie review

It's been a long time since I updated my movie list. In no particular order maximum 5 stars

XIII the conspiracy - awarded 2 stars only I simply could not get the feel of the action

X-Men origins wolverine - can I say 6 stars ? I simply loved the plot and everything about it - to me this is the best X- men so far.

Yes Man - 4 stars it was a fun movie

The curious case of Benjamin Button - a well deserved 5 star
Seven Pounds - 5 stars - great theme

Beowulf ( with Angeline Jolie) - a dismal 2 stars although the cartoons deserve a 4 star

Frost Nixon - 4 and a half star - I just did not like the actor who played Frost :)

Knowing ( Nicholas Case) - 2 stars only - actually regret buying this DVD

More next months


programmer craig said...

Wow... the only one of those I've seen is Beowulf! I feel so out of touch with the movie scene now :o

I agree with you about that one, though. Highly forgettable. It's amazing they did such a mediocre job with such a good story. And even Angelina Jolie couldn't save it!

Anonymous said...

The only movie I've watched in your list of movies is Wolverine. Not sure if it was the best of the X-Men series.

Have you watched Transformers?


Highlander said...

Hi Craig - yes I agree even Jolie could not save it !

Red - Long time no hear. I plan to watch transformers as soon as I have a bit more time if you recommend it :)