Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shooting 'terrorists' a new form of Tourism

This is a very good way of making money: you harness the inner hatred inside people and propensity for killing.

"Michel Brown, 40, a Miami banker, chose to take his wife and three children to the range with the purpose of "teaching them values.
Upon entering the range, his five-year-old daughter, Tamara, bursts into tears. A half hour later, she is holding a gun and shooting clay bullets like a pro.
 "This is part of their education," Michel says as he proudly watches his daughter. "They should know where they come from and also feel some action." (emphasis mine)

 I love the spirit of entrepreneurship. Now that we had a war in Libya maybe we can do something similar?
beats kickboxing and paintball !


KhadijaTeri said...

The right to bear arms is part of the American constitution, and that right is taken very seriously.... yeeehah!

Highlander said...

Khadija Teri, yes agree about the right to bear arms but this shooting terrorist tour is not something ethical. It's not about the shooting or arms it's the location of the business and the implication about who are the terrorists.

Maya M said...

Please do not "do something similar" in Libya! We don't need proliferation of idiocy.