Sunday, July 08, 2012

Libya's first general election

Still recovering from an epic election on Saturday 7/7/2012. 

Special thanks to all the Libyan heroes who made this possible but also to the countries that supported Libya last year in its fight for freedom and especially NATO :P.

photos source here.

We are now free to vote but also to abstain from voting  who would have thought so a year ago ?


brettweer said...

Hurray Libyans!

Thanks for this post. We have featured you in today's Blog Roundup.

Mitchell said...

Congratulations, you're now freer than Australia; we have to pay a fine if we *don't* vote. ;-)

Highlander said...

Thank you Brettweer

Highlander said...

Mitchell thanks, lol @ fine this really sounds weird I guess we are lucky :)