Sunday, February 22, 2004

It's a compensations gold rush yippee

A leading member of the Ulster Unionist Party [Ireland], Reg Empey, has demanded that the Libyan government provide compensation to victims of IRA violence. Mr Empey said people injured by Libyan arms and explosives sold to the IRA should be compensated by Libyan president Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi. He has written to British Prime Minister Tony Blair asking him to press the Libyans for such compensation. [BNI]”

Now everyone who has a grievance is going to ask for compensation from Libya, is this the gold rush of the centuty or what ? I resent it this very much . Why aren’t we getting any compensation from the Israeli for the downed Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 in February 1973? 106 passengers died there in the Sinai desert. Why aren’t we compensated for the Libyans who died as a result of the US-NATO bombing in 1986 by those smart missiles .. and many more. We should be compensated also for all those years of unjust sanctions during which Libya is holding the record number of car accidents. I am afraid to board a Libyan plane because we have not had spare parts for 20 years . They must be flying by sheer 'baraka' ( blessings in Arabic).

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