Sunday, February 22, 2004

PEPSI and the return of the Americans
“The Bush administration is expected to lift travel restrictions on Libya next week and is considering providing humanitarian and eventually other types of aid as a reward for dismantling its weapons programs, people involved in the deliberations said. The administration has told key lawmakers that it intends to take the first tangible step toward easing its sanctions on Libya by lifting restrictions on the use of U.S. passports for travel to Libya. An announcement is expected by Feb. 24, when the measures come up for review. [Reuters]”

Nice news for all those companies itching to get back to Libya for the lucrative oil deals etc.. I admit we do need the investment and it would be a welcome change from all those Euro countries who have gotten too big headed around here almost dictating their own policies now they will have stiff competition and believe me it has started to show already.

The most obvious sign that the Americans are back is funnily enough the Pepsi logo ( yes they beat you to it Coca-Cola you better watch it) . Within the last few weeks Pepsi signs have cropped like fungus on many supermarkets and shops. Not that we did not have Pepsi or other soft drinks before , but we never had advertisements for that since the 70’s .

Everyone is excited about the return of the Americans .. but Pepsi come on ..

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