Wednesday, June 02, 2004

of this and that...

Zeyad you would be pleased to hear that I finally found the time to get that tooth fixed...oh the glee on the dentist's face .. haven't been blogging lately , but with my bad habit of never refusing a chocolate I managed to do major damage to a couple of teeth :( .. thank God for anesthesia or I would have freaked out .. anyway with all this drilling-reconstructing-composite filling activity I almost missed this interesting article about our dear Al-Jazeera , for once the tone is positive overall ..

These last 5 years weather has been kind of funny in Libya, I call it the 'British syndrome' , we have the 4 seasons in one 24hr cycle ! unbelievable but true. Years ago I used to be sure when summer would be here, and no it's not as my dad says " when the traffic police wear their white uniforms" although that was true too .. now they wear the white uniforms, but it would still be cold or raining or whatever. Plus we've had to contend with an attack of locusts ( that's bad news for the local agriculture!). I don't know if you've heard about it but a couple of weeks ago the beasts were even seen here in Tripoli, that's even worse news, as they were supposed to be taken care off over the desert.
I heard famous stories about the invasion of the locusts when my parents were young. They said that Libya was the only country which had defeated them about 50 years ago. How do you think this was managed without help from the FAO or the USA or the EU or the UN ? The Libyans simply cooked then ate the darned insects, yep!! I admire them , got 3 birds in one shot, 1)eradicated the locusts, 2)saved whatever farmland was available, 3)and prevented a coutrywide famine... I heard the locust's flesh was delicious; many older people get quite romantic when talking about those hungry times.
If anyone of you has eaten locusts please tell me of your experience.I heard it tastes a little like shrimps ?!?!


Anonymous said...

Tastes like chicken, of course. ;)

Anonymous said...

chicken hmm thanks for the info anonymous ;)