Monday, May 24, 2004



Anonymous said...


Have you personally been assaulted by Americans or do you base your opinion on the experience of other abused Muslims? Are you just as outraged over the genocide occurring in the Sudan against black African Christians and animists in the southern part of the country?

Michael said...

On the article "The Coming Explosion".

I think that the author is just another nutty leftwinger. Had it not been for the bravery and dedication of the secret services of the UK, Italy, France, Germany and other countries, Europe might have had thousands of dead and many more wounded as a result of Islamist terror groups. Unfortunately they did manage to murder 200 people in Spain, but again, the carnage might have been much greater.

I'm very pleased with Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair as the current undisputed leaders of the Western World. Especially President Bush is the Winston Churchill of our times. These men, while preserving the Western World of the horrors of blind and insane terrorism, have also given the Middle East hope again. It's no coincidence that in the whole of the ME, Americans and British are loved the most by the Iraqis.