Thursday, May 13, 2004

Acts of barbarism

An uncessary horrible act , the beheading of Nick Berg an American, occured recently at the hands of alleged Zarqawi people. Unfortunately this does not promote peace and understanding between people and only serves to inflame minds. A terrible faux pas for whatever agenda. That was an equally horrible act to the Abu Ghraib shenanigans. I would like to offer my deepest condolences to Nick's family. May his soul rest in peace. Amen

On the other hand in my last post of May the 1st, I said that I did not believe that the American soldiers would be punished for their disgusting treatment of Iraqi POWS. However, I'm glad to note that worldwide condemnation, pressure from American people themselves and from honest armed forces individuals in the US, has led to an inquiry and even Rumsfield was questioned. I am thankful that it seems some would be courtmartialled and others dealt with accordingly.This does not erase the ugly degrading images but it is a very positive step towards healing and more than what I thought would happen.

I did say earlier that I was never shocked that soldiers had tortured prisoners. This is expected in any prison; it happens/happened even in America let alone in Iraq -a warzone where everything is possible in the name of the 'war on terrorims'. I will say this once more, I absolutely do not blame or criticise them for acting this way, this is a logical result of the war. When you go to war you expect, blood , pain and death on both sides , the winner is the one who survives to tell about it! But my criticism was that America kept talking about how it is upholding all the greatest demcocratic moral values and how its military/navy etc.. were de best of the best. So one did not expect this behaviour from them, hence the shock ( not the act per se). I'm actually sorry for these soldiers who have been caught out and will pay the price in lieu of their commanding officers whom I wish were the ones to be court martialled, reprimanded, or whatever applicable.

Please wait for my 'road map' for the ME !


Anonymous said...

Your thoughtful essay explaining your response to the abuse by American MP's of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib made me want to explain something important to you from an American point of view.

I have blogged about it here and invite your response:

"A fair judicial system takes time to work."

Sissy Willis

Highlander said...

thanks Sissy Willis, I posted a short reply on your blog !