Saturday, May 22, 2004

Comments Section

By popular demand I've just enabled the comments section, I reserve the right to disable it anytime it turns to people bashing and other 'bad' conduct..

Don't forget to check the links in the post below and the Green Card article.


Michael said...

I'll try to be a good boy.

What's Libya's population right now? I remember that in the mid-eighties it was 3,000,000 plus, so I figure that given the high birth rate that must by now be something like 5,500,000.

How would you describe Libya's relationship with Italy? From my point-of-view, it looks like it's quite sound. Can I assume that Italy's colonial past was less abhorrent than that of many other colonizing countries?

AlanK said...

Hello libyan

glad you been able to set up your comment section, also did you receive that email I sent

also do you know of any other libyan bloggers so far


Mitchell said...


I'm curious about the Libyan system of government, the 'jamahiriya' concept and so on. The Green Book is on the Internet but it's thirty years old. Does it have anything to do with how the country works now?