Monday, May 24, 2004

The Coming Explosion

This guy makes a lot of sense and knows what he is talking about.What do you think?

Culture and Arts? Who Cares!
Abeer Mishkhas,

Whenever I read about a movie or a book portraying Arabs negatively, I wait for some proper responses from our side. By proper responses, I mean intelligent and logical ones in the same medium...

Who Is Behind The Mazzeh Operation?
Selim Nassar Al-Hayat 2004/05/2

During the course of this week, a number of incidents happened that have ramifications on Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Gaza.

I think we have seen lately the ramifications in Gaza courtesy of the IDF..

What About Arab Plans?
Abdullah Iskandar Al-Hayat 2004/04/27

When the Arab leaders convene on 22 May to discuss the situation in Iraq, only a few weeks would be separating them from the expected date of the transfer of authority to the Iraqis. The procedure will be determined by the end of June. Will there be any role or weight or even any consideration of Arab concerns over the future of Iraq?

Well we have seen what happened at the Arab summit, sorry folks I'd rather go watch Superstar . This is talent contest program for young singers and this time there are 2 Libyan contenders, which are excellent by the way. If you have nothing else to do go the website and vote or send an sms. Ayman Alataar is my favourite and Rida Jaffar is the next .. Finals are next Sunday . There is also the Iraqi Shada and another Syrian girl ..I'm really mixed up the choice is wide ..

Chess Championship:

Originally the World Chess Federation (FIDE) world championship was scheduled to be staged in two parts, one in Libya and one in Malta. This was mainly to accommodate Israeli players. Now the main sponsor, Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi, has guaranteed "entry visas to all the 128 qualified participants". FIDE is pleased to announce that the 2004 World Chess Championship will take place June 18 - July 13 in Tripoli. The Libyan Olympic Committee (LOC) guarantees entry visas to all the 128 qualified participants and the invitation to the players is signed by the President of LOC ,Mohammad al-Qadhafi. [FIDE]

I don't know if this event will still take place in Libya or not , but will check it out .

visa problems to students in US ... well quite interesting hmm?

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