Saturday, May 22, 2004

some Libyan sites and other links:

My friend the 'Tripoli Girl' is an avid collector of Libyan websites , I have her to thank for these. If you are a music fan you can listen to Libyan music here for my Arab speaking readers there is the Libyan Corner with lots of interesting forums ..

Regarding the article I posted earlier today Green Card I would like to thank ZH for forwarding it . THANK YOU :)

It has reminded me of a personal story which I would like to share with you .. if I can finish it today I'll post it , if not then you'll have to bear with me ..

I would like to recommend this reader who blogs from Bahrain , Michael is an Irish-American expatriate living in Manama; his Journal is a wonderful read .

It seems my post about Hijab of February 24th is keeping many people interested ( thank you Sisu ) and for Gulf Reporter who mentions me as and occasionally insomniac woman ;) . Several readers asked for comments and I promise to write the sequel in addition to the veil situation in Libya.

Had no idea my blog was Googlable here

The article on operation eldorado canyon has attracted a lot of talk including this one courtesy of Wog Blog .

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