Saturday, May 01, 2004


After I finished my earlier post about MILUD, I thought I'd check the news, for once that I did not watch the news or go online all Friday..Oh my God, now I know why my friends were texting me to aks if I'd seen THOSE pictures, I thought they were talking about the pictures of humilation posted on Raed 's site a couple of days ago here and here , but compared to these they seemed like a joke !

Shall I say I'm angry ? I'm beyond that . I wonder how they will spin this now ? I mean the latest excuses I heard and read on many forums and in many papers ( after the WMD search was a fiasco and all the other stupid reasons for invading Iraq) were that the Americans wanted to liberate the Iraqis from a mass murderer and from the state sponsored rape rooms , but compared to what Americans are doing it looks like Saddam could still learn a few things. After today I hope no American dares to utter one more time that he/she is there to get rid of the rape rooms.

However, I'm wondering why is the world shocked , I'm not , I expected this, these are the rules of war ( I'm not talking about the Geneva convention here nor the correct rules of engagement) , and in war the army with the most guns gets to do pretty much what it likes who is to stop it , certainly not a defenseless prisoner, but maybe just maybe a suicide bomber ?!?

Still I said so before the USA empire is at it summit now, so they will write the rules since they are above the law...getting a written reprimand, hell no! the perpetrators should all get a purple heart or whatever equivalent for showing true bravery and extreme courage and gallantry in a hostile region in additon to a promotion! This is war folks what did you expect , fair and democratic treatment from Uncle Sam ? that only happens in fairytales.

In this very real world , we make do with what we have and we try to survive. But I wish I had not clicked on the news , now my Milud is definetely ruined !

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