Friday, October 08, 2004

Another massacred wedding party ..

Boy does the US military love to disrupt wedding has become their trademark in Iraq and Aghanistan , I'm just speculating here but are they simply jealous that someone could be having a little fun in these warzones to forget the harsh reality so they keep 'reminding' them that 'hey people' don't get married it' aint over yet' or do they want the inhabitants to believe that the US discourages the marriage institution ;)


smokey spice said...

Highlander, isn't it obvious that Muslims and Arabs ONLY celebrate when we're hiding someone/thing from the Americans?

Sarcasm aside, it's just time for all of supporters of this war to admit that there's no such thing as 'precision' bombings. I'm sure some nut out there will defend this as just another mistake, but it's getting harder and harder for anyone aside from the extreme right to buy that argument anymore.

Yalla... fiamanillah. And Kul Sana winti tayba!

Highlander said...

smokeyspice, kul sana wa enti tayba as well :)....yes i agree with you we only celebrate when we are hiding something from the US army ;) by the way do you have Arabic on your computer?