Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Public hangings of Libyan resistance fighters.

"In September, 1930, security forces in the Birka district of Benghazi discovered that a citizen named Muhammed El-Haddad, a prominent Benghazi citizen and merchant, was cooperating with the rebels... Through him, supplies and weapons were reaching them. He offered the rebels hospitality and all the supplies they needed. On the day and time appointed, a special tribunal was convened and sentenced the father and son to death by hanging in the middle of his estates and right in front of the masses. These latter were made to attend the execution by the Italian authorities.." - Italian General Graziani


ALSHARIF said...

history repeats itself, Gadfi did the same to libyan he hanged them in the holy month of Ramadan.
what is the different between the current devil , and the old devil!

ALSHARIF said...

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