Monday, November 01, 2004

Who will win the US election ? I DEMAND TO VOTE TOO !!!!

Well I've already posted my opinion about the whole subject, but I received an email from a dear friend of mind this morning with a new twist to the plot.
I would like to share it with you :)

Kerry is the favoured candidate by the Zionist lobby as he would be under their control just to become president. Bush does not need them anymore as he would not be seeking a new term regardless of whether he wins or not this time .
If you noticed Bush has actually abandoned his democratisation programme for the Middle-East as a means to dry up the sources of terror. This plan it is worth noting has caused terrible pain to Israel.

So here I am wishing I could vote in the US elections, I would VOTE BUSH, do you know why ? because it will twarth the Zionists a little and because of a proverb which says to the effect that : 'the enemy that you know is better than the one you still have to learn about .....'

Moral of the day , they are both bad , it's dumb and dumber out there, but at least we won't have Kerry trying any histrionics on us...we got used to Bush.

On another note: why ? how come Bin Ladin has conveniently emerged just on time for the elections?


Paul Edwards said...

Bush is not dumb. He was faced with the ridiculousness of Muslims attempting to start a religious war, and he has responded by saying that Islam is one of the world's great religions and it is a religion of peace. That is extremely cunning. He has then set about using the minimum amount of force required to change Muslim countries. So far Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have changed radically. But also Saudi Arabia has changed. Al Arabiya has changed too. This is the strategic way to change the Middle East and Bush/Wolfowitz are pursuing it. If Bush is reelected, we'll hopefully see either Syria or Iran toppled next. I'd go for Iran myself.

smokey spice said...

Bush! B3eed el sow!

Bush is a fundamentalist, elitist, megalomaniac, and dumb. I can't believe you credit him with anything. There are almost as many fundamentalist Christian Zionists in this country as any others, and these are the ones that dictate Bush's policies regarding Israel. I disagree with the Jewish Zionists completely though I have a better understanding of where they're coming from; the Christian Zionists are just sick and twisted. If you're talking about the better of two evils, Bush is not the better in this situation. And his advisors are the Zionists of Zionists, as far as many can tell.

Paul Edwards exemplifies the people that support Bush. They credit him with everything good and urge him to go further in military actions, caring nothing of the human and diplomatic cost. They ignore the blatant lies, misleading, and true motives. For what? I don't know.

Kerry's not my favorite either. No one is this elections season. But I'll do anything to get Bush out of DC and back on his ranch, where he apparently prefers to be anyway.

AK said...


I think bin laden was trying to influence people to vote against bush, especially since he threatened to target states that voted pro bush. Also I think he wanted to reassure his supporters that he was alive and possibly to gain new recruits among arabs upset at the US but not yet supporting him

Ripped_Heart said...

I'm glad Bush won this election. Besides Kerry never did anything for us. Kerry signed off against sending troops to Kuwait to help liberate Kuwait from the Iraqis. Had Bush Sr. listened to Kerry, what would've happened to the Kuwaitis?
Futhermore, this is Bush's last term and as you have noted, he doesn't have to please the Israeli lobbyists so he can push for a plan between Israel and Palestine.
It's funny Bin Laden's video came out at the same time. I thought he was probably endorsing himself as the next president of the United States, but his brief cameo was merely coincidental. People are just paranoid. I think Bin Laden's sudden emergence at this time is merely a coincidence. He's been releasing videos for a few years now.