Friday, November 12, 2004

Yasser Arafat 1929-2004

The Israelis and Mr. Bush have no excuses left not to negotiate peace terms, their main 'obstacle' has been duly removed. So we get to watch how sincere they are now .

Update Sunday 14th November: 'Libya pays tribute to Palestinian President Yasser Arafat who passed away Thursday Morning. The Secretariat of the General Peoples Committee declared three-days of mourning, lowering the Green Flag to mid mast, and cancelling all programmes and celeberation manifestations across Libya including Eid al-Fiter celebrations. [JANA]'


AlanK said...

Firstly condolances for yasser arafat, he despite his flaws was very influential and inspirational person in the demand for a palestinian state to the palestinain people.

Hopefully Tony Blair can persuade President Bush to use American influence to try to restart the road map to peace and try to persuade isreal to negotiate. Perhaps it is a good sign that mahmoud abbas was elected as temporary leader and hopefully elections can help to get rid of the corruption in the PLO, if they can be held.

Peace would be a good thing as apart from ending the bloodshed in the area, it would remove one of bin ladens reasons for war against the west, and a major cause of anti western and anti arab views.

But I suppose in the end it is up to isreal and palestine to make peace, not the arab world or the west to impose peace

Libyan what is your view on this issue, do you think peace is possible even with all these problems

AlanK said...


You have been gone a while

hope you blog soon


Highlander said...

Thanks for your concern AK , I promise to blog soon..