Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Stuck in the ME

Well that should teach me to travel in Christmas time, I can't get a flight back to homebase and I'm therefore missing all my other connections. Actually I don't know why I thought that Christmas flights would not be busy in Syria? all flight are full and I'm waitlisted ...and the weather is tooooooooo cold over here . Just got back from Amman ( a special message to those I have not had the time to send emails or text messages to , but hey you know my mobile so just drop a line ;) ) . I am simply too tired, and there is too much going on.

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AlanK said...


I know you have not been having the best of times at the moment but what is your view on this story below about the attempt assasination of saudi crown prince

Also never mind about cold as least here the weather is gale force winds with rain and temperatures below freezing