Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Snooping around Libyan blogs

Being the eternal sleuth as usual ;) I went on a search for some more Libyan blogs for my dear readers . Because you don't want to have only my opinion about all things Libyan don't you ? That won't be fair or balanced ... but also because I'm curious about my fellow Libyans.

Well a fresh crop of blogs have turned up, I arbitrarily chose the most interesting among them to display here , the rest will be advertised when they start updating - not just having a "testing" sign on their website...

So not necessarily in order of preference here are Wissam and Lina , the current Libyan Romeo and Juliet of the blogosphere lol. Wissam is an anime fan who laments the lack of readers , hopefully after today he should get some more. Lina is a student in high school I guess, they keep a blog as a way to date when they can't meet and tell each other their thoughts and share their love with the whole world, just hope your teacher is not reading this. Well guys all the best and please invite us to the wedding.

The next one is by Mabrouk ... I have hopes for this guy ... but please Mabrouk you need to write a bit more! Anyway he sounds like an economist, but I still can't figure what is the connection of tomato paste and the market economy ... aaah but you all already know that I am nil in economics. My suggestion to readers is to go email him , which should jolt him back on stage.

Hanging around Tareq's and Smokey's blogs ( thanks guys) I came accross this Libyan-American blogger Hanu recounting the adventures of (her family) the Dregias family in the US ... complete with slumber parties an bbqs. Pure joy !

Keep coming and I'll keep digging for those elusive Libyan bloggers ... they are all so endearingly shy ..how cute eh ?

Dear All, this is a very brief break in my hiatus , so the rules still apply, feel free to comment on anything as already mentioned before . I just could not resist presenting the above gems when I found them, especially knowing how some of you are avid for fresh Libyan blogs ( big hint here to some people - you know who you are !) .


Some guy said...


Hiatus huh?

Tarek said...

welcome back

AlanK said...


hope hiatus can end soon, your posts are missed

Barnita said...

Hi, I'm an Indian who spent the first few years of her life in Libya, I lived at Rasco Rasnaluf- old township- my papa worked at the refinary there. I love Libya and am keen to learn more about the Libyan lifestyle these days. Visit my blog and I hope we can all be friends.

I've visited and bookmarked all the Libyan blogs you mentioned. i hope to hear from you sometime.

highlander said...

Thanks Tarek Amr..by the way I checked your blog and like it very much !

Alan K...thank you for missing my posts.. it is not writer's blog ..I got some important issues to take care of.

Barnita/Paula ...Ras Lanuf was always a fascinating spot for me as a child maybe because I used to watch that famous cement structure which looked to me like a cobra's head .. I actually never went there.. but it seems that every expatriate who comes to Libya never wants to leave or at least remembers it with fondness. So yes I do hope to be friends and Libya is beautiful and so are its people. I look forward one day to visiting India .. Keep on entertaining us with your stories and please more photos of Atul he is GORGEOUS ..I'm almost thinking of taking him as a pinup poster instead of Brad Pitt lol;) Good luck with him my dear