Saturday, September 03, 2005

Two Years of Blogging ...and more Libyan bloggers

Yes you've guessed's that time of the year again. This blog has come a long way I think since my first stumbling words here back in 2003. ...

There were times I wanted to quit but was convinced otherwise not only by the regular readers in the comment section who I consider as my friends but also when I saw the stats [the tally since 5th of June 2005 says 18000 - I'm feeling humbled here] which showed that people were actually interested ..thank you all , I learned a lot from each and everyone .

But the good news is that throughout 2004 and 2005 more Libyan blogs appeared on the scene and I've collected those I could find - they are on the sidebar. Please go and visit them , they're all very interesting....andalso please prod the ones that have become lazy into some action ;) .

A good birthday present to the Highlander from the Rock is the thrilling discovery of TWO more Libyan bloggers and they are FEMALE yay ! watch out you guys so far you are outnumbered :

Dunia , where Tyeness who describes herself as "Female Arab (Libyan to be super-specific) Muslim With all the Opinions that that Implies" is filled with insight and humour at the same time check out her post on Cindy Sheehan here "Every time I begin to think this story has been covered from just about every angle possible, another story pops up [the recipe seems to be] chop up bits of previous stories, add a touch of spice by tossing in a few extra adjectives,garnish with a fresh picture or soundbite, and simply stir" . Hilarious stuff, perfect English, satirical political critiques! Tumbs up Tyeness and keep up the good work!

Our other discovery for today is Hibo Abu a Tripolitanian social worker , who loves Tripoli so much she has dedicates a whole blog Lovelytripoli to it . I'm sure you'll be touched by her romantic sweet side and peace loving disposition : "i dont like hurt anyone and i dont like anybody to hurt me for any kind of reasons". It takes sheer guts to blog in English with a tiny grammar handicap but who amongst us does not make mistakes and typos? Hibo you go girl ...I bet we will see her English skills improve very fast on her blogging journey .

Thank you to all those who gave me words of encouragement here , and to the silent majority also . You are great.


programmer craig said...

Happy Anniversary, Highlander!

removedalready said...

Hey, it's been two years already, wow Happy 2nd birthday! Hehehehe

Reema said...

Happy Birthday :)

AlanK said...


happy anniversary, also seems you were very good for that test as well

Twosret said...

Happy Anniversary Highlander have done a great job :) despite the super crazy world I can't miss your 2nd BDY :)

Hang in there and keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Happy bday ya basha

You know who!

Highlander said...

'ya basha' hmmm now I have to rack my brain to know who calls me basha ? ;)

Thank you all for the wishes it really feels nice *insert blush here please* .

smokey spice said...

Mabruk Highlander for the two years of great educational work. And leading the Libyan blogger scene to boot.

I'm still going through it, but the storm seems to be calming now inshallah.

Hey...since we have so many Libyan bloggers now, what do you think of having a communal Libyan blogger blog like Iraq blog count? Anyone up for it? I see one person tried, but then stopped. Is there another?

Salamat ya 3azeezati.


smokey spice said...

Hey!!!! I just caught the comment about proding the lazy ones. Okay, okay, addmitedly, it's deserved.

But doesn't an existential crisis buy me some slack? ;) If not that, then how about two family visits wherein up to 9 people were crammed into my studio and my computer taken captive by a few nieces and nephews?

Alright, enough with the excuses. I'm back on.

Also, I'd like to link the other Libyan blogs on my own if I have your permission guys. I'll ask you on your own blog as well.


lovelytripoli said...

hello all...
Thanks dear for telling others about me and about my blog..
Really forgive me for my weak English,the most thing that made me get mad that i have born on U.S.A and i cant` write or typ English very Good..without any kind of misstakes..
any way i have made many groups talking about libya at many and diffrent sites as this :friendfinder,yahoogroups "lovelyTripoli- begoodfriendforlibyan-belibyanfriendsforever".

im trying to do my best to tell others about Libyan and Tripoli old History..

imnot` That very smart with Bulding stuff,and with English Bulding stuff.
im giving myself chance to be smart enough with this filed..becoues im socail worker..
and learn doing that alone is very hard is everyone know..

any way im happy for hearing about
the light make ur lovely blog clear to see...