Thursday, March 24, 2005

Fun stories ?

The detox is over, I can tell you it was difficult not to be tempted and blog or check email, the inbox is overflowing. It was an interesting longish weekend full of surprises . But that is not for publishing. On the other hand I discovered that someone is so keen to understand my ramblings that they went to the trouble of translating some posts- yes yes - ( nodding my head up and down) check it out here 'from the rock' in Spanish De la roca sounds already nicer ;) . I'm honestly flattered thank you unknown reader. I was contemplating stopping the blog but when I saw this I thought that maybe it was still worth it to blog, plus Robert of Wired Temples has also argued against it hmm , maybe I should set up a vote ?
Anyway today I would like to remember Salampax who had inspired me, Raed who got really excited about the idea of a Libyan blog , Zeyad from Healing Iraq who convinced me to go public with his skillful persuasion and actually launched my site around this time last year( thanks Zeyad may you always be safe)- by the way he's blogging again everybody ! And last but not least is Iraqi Spirit who kept encouraging me despite my frustrations ( my thoughts are with you ). There is one more person in the shadows, he knows who he is :) , I salute you my friend : do you think your 'little student' is growing up finally ?( you can answer by email ).

While I'm at it I'm glad to note that I found some more blogs from Libya , yippee , Alea, teaches English in Tripoli and has set up a blog for her students to interact in, go check the level of English of these students, wow I'm impressed, these will all be potential bloggers ;) . It's fun, with photos of Libya, of the Yathreb school , of Alea and her class, read their homework etc.. now if only our non-Arab friends could learn to write and speak Arabic just as quickly and as good as these Libyan kids...(sigh). Another teacher is blogging bilingually here at permanent movement watch and read her diary and see her kids and other Libyan kids & their friends just in ordinary normal life to get the feel of Libya . Salah El Din at Unfettered Swallows is a student in Oklahoma, his blog is artistic and metaphysical and he's got some lovely photos from his trip to Japan as well. A big welcome to the blogosphere to all of them. I'll keep on adding more when I stumble on them.

Now for a little bit of pimpin' as Magdee from Rosetta Stones would say, Jonathan at The Heed Heeb thinks I'm 'intriguing' & remind him of Salampax , thanks Jonathan, because folks he has a great versatile blog. He is interested in Africa, in the Middle-East in America, and in Israel of course since he's Jewish. His blog is packed with information as Jonathan is obviously well cultured and has an analytical mind;)

Update: I would like to apologise to my NUMBER ONE fan Alan Kennedy who should have been in this list as he has never failed to make a graceful comment on this blog . SORRY :( and who when he does not comment I feel disapointed . Alan is a fellow blogger from Scotland,if I'm correct he is also a science graduate. Through reading his posts you can find his wide interests, which always have a humanitarian angle, but most of all I think he wants to know about the Middle-East because he participates on most of the bloggers forum. Alan is also learning/or speaks Spanish. So ladies and gentlemen
I give you AK Land :)

Update Two 25/3/05: HAPPY EASTER to ALL of you !


AlanK said...


welcome back

You will be glad to know that temperatures while not quite as high as the 14 C, they are still quite close and they have stopped going below freezing at night (smile). Also no rain here since yesterday and it was warm rain, summer is on its way. Might not need that eskimo coat after all.

Also that is a lot of blogs you have found, what happened to that holiday, But alas, still no space for my blog (sad face)

anyway looking forward to those stories of yours

Highlander said...

Thanks Alan, those were Libyan blogs or those that mentioned me one way or another. But I have just corrected my omission , because you are my no.1 fan you deserve to be on top of the blogroll ...will you ever forgive me Alan (wink)?

Twosret said...

It is my honor to post my first comment on your blog. I LUV your blog and your spirit.

I'm so glad your blogging is paying off. The fact that I don't post comments doesn't mean I'm not reading.

Keep blogging,

Highlander said...

I am honoured that you are commenting Twosret, because you always have intelligent things to say, and you will enrich this place thank you :) & welcome.

MG said...

damn :( I thought I was your number one fan! lol well I gotta keep my comments running on this blog to earn this privilege.
And I see Twosret over here... trust me it's always a good sign to have her on your side ;)

Welcome back Highlander and keep on blogging!

AlanK said...

Thanks Highlander

I shall Forgive you as you made me No 1 (smile)

Jonathan Edelstein said...

Thanks for the plug (or pimp as it may be)! I remain a faithful reader of yours; hopefully I'll get to Libya sometime soon.

Robert Micallef said...

I hope your blog is here to stay - it is read regularly by many. Keep blogging!!

Highlander said...

Thank you all, now I'm feeling shy all of sudden ;)..

AlanK said...


Hope you will be posting soon, been gone for a while now

removedalready said...

Agree with Alan...Can't wait to hear from you & I've been waiting patiently for more pictures of Tripoli!

Highlander said...

red_enclave pls be a little bit more patient.. pictures take soooooooooo long to upload :)

Well I'm back as you can see !