Monday, March 14, 2005

Replies to your comments

Whilst browsing through the archive I noticed that some readers have left comments months after I've posted. Well I hadn't realised this and so I tried to answer most of you today. Please go to your relevant comment and check my reply. Thank you for your visit. :)

UPDATE 15/3/05

Sandmonkey is putting down his foot ;) regarding comments section,. That was a nice rant; made a lot of sense. I'm replying here because I can't access your comments section either, Blogger is doing crazy things again! So just to clarify a few points I am Libyan ( told you that many times on your blog ;) - & yes like you I LOVE Lebanon also, basically we agree on many points.


Kristen said...

You can change the settings so that anytime someone puts a comment on your blog, the comment will be automaticaly emailed to you.

MG said...

lol I've been meaning to post some comments on your older topics but I keep saying that you won't read them so I change my mind... because I don't do it on my blog anyway it's hard to reply to all comments but you are doing a great job.

Off the topic... who do you think will win on the 27th? :)

Highlander said...

Thanks Kristen, I think I'll do that ( though it will be more emails ) but because there are some genuinely interesting questions which I don't wish to ignore.

So MaGdee go ahead comment at your heart's pleasure ;)
Who will win hmmm :)
PS does this mean I'm pimpin' my blog too ;)

removedalready said...

Hey do visit my web. I have updated it & have added pics of myself as well. The latest pics :). What do you think of my different hairstyles huh? Don't forget to leave a comment! Thanks!

MG said...

Man, I meant Egypt Vs Lybia match... who do you think will win?

As for pimpin' the blog, your blog is great and it speaks for itself... but that doesn't mean i'm not offering my services as a... ahem... a blog promoter for the blogs I like. ;)

AlanK said...


You could do what I did and set up an new email for blogger comments only, will save time

Highlander said...

Alan, that is also a possibility...a blog was supposed to be fun, it's turning out to be lots of hard work ;)

MaGdee, I think the Egyptian team would win just because they're good players and have been taking the sport seriously. Whilst I'm not a football fan I can't pronounce a judgment,but then the
Libyans may surprise us again... keep me posted ( are you a football fan?)

red_enclave, I'm going straight to your blog now immediately 'ay ay ma'm ;)

For those having difficulty to post here, pls just email me until Blogger fixes things

The Sandmonkey said...

Ok, why was it that everytime i clicked on your link those past few days, i would get sent to some christianity resource/ Bible university in jeruslaem website? And why is it working now normally? What is going on HL?

Ohh, and why am i not on the blogroll? What? No love for the sandmonkey?


Highlander said...

welcome Sandmonkey, your first comment here ;)

Don't know why you were sent somewhere else (it happened to others so it's not personal). Maybe somebody 'loves' my blog and has hijacked it looool; however blogger was really crazy since Friday as you've noticed from my comments on your blog, hell I could not even access my own account!

Blogroll? I'm not in your blogroll either but I never took it to mean you did not love the Highlander ;) or do you ? (love the Highlander that is ).

AlanK said...

Hey some blogger romancing going on here (Smile)

Not sure what is going on, I was also having problems linking to all blogger sites as well, I think it was a general problem. Also my site had a problem for bit but seems to be working fine now

Highlander said...

Alan lol :)

ok everybody go see red_enclave she is gorgeous!

removedalready said...

Shesh....I'm blushing already...Thanks by the way. I'm way embarassed now! Oh yeah..when I visited you fotopages a few days ago, they sent me to some christian site. Hum y would they do that? I thought u're a muslim! r u?

The Sandmonkey said...

You are on it now yakhty.

Highlander said...

that's so sweet, you too ya khuya !

Twosret said...

what the heck! you agree with Sandmonkey :) I actually did enjoy those scandalous posts...come on don't you think they rock!!!



Highlander said...

I accept his 'criticism' of me Twosret and basically we love Lebanon that's the agreeing part ;) , the scandalous posts rock 3aynee( bobbing head up & down and winking wildly) as for his comments on 'studs' ...hmm I have my reservation about that, I may want to volunteer some others for that top role rather than the ones he suggested he he he