Wednesday, March 09, 2005

More Libyan and Libya related blogs!

Khadija is an American married to a Libyan guy! You will definetely enjoy her humourous take on the Libyan society. Libya's population is so small that I have probably run into her on many occasions . Khadija has been blogging since September.You can see her views on plumbimg in Libya , the adventure with the kids and cat and hubby...some great photos of her travelling around the country etc..: "Mustafa went out to find the perfect sheep for Eid. Eid is gonna be on Thursday, and we've been getting ready. They always jack the prices of the sheep up this time of year 'cause they know you've got to buy one. So Mustafa's been grumbling about things (he'll never admit to be grumbling about the sheep - just takes it out in other ways)."

Tripoli Girl , is a Libyan teenager, she's Khadijja's daughter, go cheer her on and help her improve her English ( as her mum wishes) , though I think her English sounds very good to me, welcome Tripoli Girl you're our future.

Shireen is a Malaysian girl who lived in Libya in the 80's , she can never forget it and her one obsession is going back for a visit as soon as possible... I give you The can ask her about her thoughts on Libya too I'm sure she would love to she's a football fan or at least she loves a football player..:)

At Discarded Lies [ who has cool blog ] I came accross this article by Peter Wilkinson of the New York Times who travelled to Libya a few months ago ....Here are excerpts or just click on the link for the whole report.

''TRIPOLI?'' said the British Airways agent at Heathrow Airport near London, searching my passport for the hard-to-obtain visa. ''God help you.''
It's difficult to think of a place, in our 21st century, left to pioneer. For Americans, right now, that would be Libya, a complicated and confounding land on the North African coast, opened in February after 23 years of a travel ban tighter than Cuba's.

As we toured Tripoli's medina, a brief walk from the hotel, I was struck by how refreshingly tranquil it was. This was not your typical Middle Eastern souk, a riotous, rattling, sputtering engine of commerce and emotion. A few children set off firecrackers in the street. Cascades of sparks poured from a metalworking shop, where men smoked silently from hookahs. But there were no hordes to elbow, no hard sell, no streams of beggars, as there are in Cairo.
''I've traveled all over the world and I've never been so frustrated or had such an excruciating planning process for a trip,'' said Alexandra Watkins, a copywriter from San Francisco. Nonetheless, she is among the hundreds of Americans who are signing up for group tours to Libya.

Looks like Peter had fun, unlike Michael J. Totten about whom Khadijja says : " The pictures on his blog are interesting, but beware! He's a bit negative and not so accurate in his facts about Libya. God alone knows what kind of tour guide this guy had!"


removedalready said...

Hey I am a Liverpool fan and yes...I love a footballer. He's goodlooking, he's talented...who wouldn't fall head over heels for one! Especially a sexy spaniard!

Highlander said...

Comment section is not working properly even on other blogs I could only access mine because I logged in through blogger :(

Highlander said...

Comment section is back finally .

khadijateri said...

"Libya's popultion is so small that I have probably run into her on many occasions."

Probably very true!

Highlander said...

Well red_enclave I must agree he is a handsome fella :)

Khadijateri :) Hi ! we probably met at one of those wonderful Libyan wedding parties ...

Anonymous said...

This is from Mark in the US,

Totten may have gotten a bit carried away with his negativity. The whole thing seemed a bit like his overlords trip to North Korea. I am a fan of Hitch, and have read a bit of the stuff, but I bet Libya is a lot more fun then it looked. I hope we (US and the big Lib) can have fun in the future.

Highlander said...

Thanks Mark :) pls have a look at my photos link near my profile for some other pics of the same area Totten was in . I will be updating my photopages soon ...there is just 24hrs in one day if only there was more time (sigh)