Thursday, November 03, 2005

Eid Fitr Mabrouk from good old Tripoli

Yes folks there is nothing like Eid with the family, and the noise of the kids and our sweets and visitors .... It is such fun to see twice removed cousins and discover ones you never knew existed and find out the recent additions to one's family . All this to announce that I am back home from this recent trip to London and I'm basking at the moment in the glow of Eid after missing most of Ramadan abroad.

So to all friends ( cyber/blogger and flesh ones ) and family عيد مبروك علينا وعليكم و انشاء الله عايدين فايزين

Now let me go enjoy the final episodes of the Ramadan series ...yes and that includes the Hur al3ayn one as well ....blogging will resume afterwards.

out for now Highlander


Nura said...

Enjoy it!!! Somedays I really wish I cold throw in the towel and come live there.. sure it's a different world but at least I'd feel more fulfilled, more like a Muslim and perhaps wander through life just a little less lost! Eid out here has been an awful experience.. of course I had an exceptionally bad day.. but you hardly even feel it! Even the Muslims in the street look at you as if you are some bizarre freak when you say "salam alaikum".. Enjoy it and WELCOME HOME!:o)

AlanK said...

I return and you are gone
enjoy time off

Lina said...

Welcome back highlander ;) I missed your posts, I may not comment often but I'm a regular reader ;p

Hope you're enjoying Eid holiday!

So what was it like spending most of Ramadan in a non-muslim society?? I always wonder because I guess Ramadan is very much about sharing the experience besides the personal test of will through fasting!

Twosret said...

Happy Eid Highlander.

Tarek said...

Happy Eid to you

lovelytripoli said...

Happy Eid for you too,im sorry for being late:(.
forgive me dear..


Anonymous said...

Eid Mabruk to all Libyan nationals, and wish you an even better year than last year. Last year quality of life improved substantial, 2006 will even be better. Goof luck, enjoy the easter with your families, and do remember that you live in a beatufil country.