Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jordan sequels

A Jordanian reader, and blogger Lina has graciously left the following comment to my previous post which I thought was worth highlighting here : "I am so thankful to God that you were not at the Radisson SAS that night!! I know this sounds very selfish of me to say, but I hope you would still consider coming to Amman... just as people still go to London and still go to New York! I hate to see those terrorists have their way, and succeed in shattering our sense of stability and security.(and if you don't want to stay in a hotel then you are most welcome in our house :) )"

Thank you Lina for the offer of course it would be a pleasure to meet you anytime.
With regards to my post, I meant to say that with the grace of God my plans had changed and I was not in Amman that day because I had other obligations elsewhere.

However, I intend soon to visit beautiful Jordan again just as I have not been deterred by terrorists to go to London or Egypt or Lebanon again.

In my view death comes in its own time according to God's will so I will never cower or be afraid.

On another note the media and many bloggers have mentioned that Syrian-American producer Mustafa Akkad was among the victims, apart from Halloween he was famous for producing 'The Message' and 'Lion of the Desert' as previously mentioned on this blog. So I won't dwell on that much longer .


Tyen said...

elhamdila 3ala salamtek!

can't believe this happened - not the bombings, we've all sort of come to expect it like u said, but this man taking his wife along with him... wot are they gonna do next? pack the kids into the car for a family bomb outing?

AlanK said...


In the end it does not matter trying to avoid terrorist attacks as it cant be avoided eg here in UK many people were avoiding bali etc then attack in London and before al qaeda there was the IRA etc.

also glad you were not there in amman when that happened. I remember one of my friends was in New york when september 11 occured but they went back the very next year to show that they could still make the choice not terrorists

As for visiting amman that is up to you to choose, try not to let terrorist attacks influence that decision, only go if you wish to do so

Highlander said...

I agree with you Alan, that's why I keep travelling to these countries as I said in the post.

Tyenness dear welcome back ..a family bomb outing? oh my God شينو هل الافكار ياساتر
but I love your sense of humour !!!!

Anonymous said...

A similar joke from Iraq on such an occasion:

They say a terrorist married a female fellow terrorist. On their first wedding night they took a bmob loaded car to the hotel .....


highlander said...

more humour from DM this time Thank you .شر البلية ما يضحك
As the Arab proverb says.

Twosret said...

I want to say to Lina that Jordan is a lovely country and I'm looking forward to visit.

Terrorism won't stop us.

Lina said...

Thank you highlander for this response. I would love to meet you when you're in Amman... you're absolutely right, I also believe that death comes in its time when it's meant to, so it's pointless to allow ourselves to be controlled by fear or terror! (I've been trying to say that to my parents but they still insist on being protective ;) )

Twosret thanks a lot :D you really should come for a visit, we'd give you loads of ideas on how to enjoy Jordan to the max!