Thursday, April 27, 2006

Falafel, crepes, creme caramel, and Syrian food

There are a few actions which have become traditions when I visit Syria ( apart from buying Arabic books ) and those are, eating falafel , a crepe , creme caramel at least once. As for Syrian food it is gorgeous. I had all the dishes shown in these recipes and more . I think I have put on 5 kgs especially in Aleppo.

So today I hit two stones in one day , how ? well I met up a good friend of mine who was in Tunis on my recent trip there. It was fun reminiscing about those great moments with the rest of our business partners. We had a capuccino at Algora cafe in Shaalan with its retro decor and a creme caramel - which I crave once a year. The conversation was very stimulating . I felt like another portion but was embarassed to look like a 'pig' stuffing myself.
Then in the evening I went out with my best friend to the fashionable 'La Noisette' restaurant-cafe and we had crepe ( that's pancake) with chocolates and nuts ( very fattening) and French chips - yep in that order. This is the best remedy for a heart to heart girl talk. I've seen the waiters give us a few shocked glances and 'raised' eyebrows ..they must have overhead us . I think this comfort food was useful to lift my mood.

Between those too sinful eating marathons Twosret phoned and we had a blast of a time. If you're reading this Twos here is a big hug coming your way. Also Sandmonkey I got your message and you can phone anytime if you wish- thanks.

Now the falafel day was yesterday : 6 girls , buying falafel - freshly made and salads and eating the whole banquet with tea ( green and black). I still can't believe I had seven pieces and two whole pitta breads - yummy that felt good .

I need to have one 'real' shawarma before going home but that's another story.


Hannibal said...

Highlander: this comment has nothing to do with your current post which by the way I enjoyed reading. I just felt the shame and guilt for not praying for you when you asked.The week you posted that,I was amazingly busy and I hardly posted something myself. I didn't have much time to read over the blogs I like and you are one of them. Today I just discovered that I missed a very important request: that we pray for you and for your family, so I hope you will forgive me that and I am very very happy that all is fine and that everything went well alhamdouallah. May Allah the Almighty guide your steps whereever you go!

removedalready said...

hey great to hear that you are enjoying yourself. I hope you did take a lot of pictures while you were visiting Aleppo for business or pleasure!

Highlander said...

Dear Hannibal : Thank you very much for this note you made my day. I am writing this for the second time.

"You are a constant in this blog even if you just read it and I know that I would not even need to ask and you would be there to help.Rabi ikhalik ya sadoqi! "

Please forgive me if my reply did not show I had trouble with posting and I was able to see my comments when I posted and now I'm ashamed it did not showup - sorry it had to happen to you. I never ignore any reader because you are all part of my family.
أنل عقلي كبير يا هانيبال يا خوي ويشرفني صداقتك

highlander said...

Redenclave- I have not had the opportunity to take as much photos as I would have liked this time but I hope to make it up this week - inshallah .