Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blog Addiction yes, no and how far ?

57%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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If it was last year the results I think would have been much different :P this is healthier ....


PH said...

You're not addicted at all ( relatively speaking ) ........ I'm glad you're getting better though, I'm still seeking counselling :P.


NOMAD said...

blogs 44%, but I would say 95 % for the net

programmer craig said...

25% addicted to blogging. Probably it's only that low because I don't have a blog :)

The Lost Libyano said...

yeah dido what nomad said but one thing hit the nail on the head.

Have you ever blown off an important task, such as studying for an exam or making a deadline, because you were blogging?

YES. Either that or Instant Messaging. I actually wrote a paper about this freshman year of psych. Its not so much a problem for classes that demand paper's. Becauase you know you got the headphones on, and you move from blog to blog, myspace to myspace. Its all good. it use to be a problem when I was taking natural science class, physics, chem, or calculus, or finite, trig, because you have to sit down and practice a couple hours a day, so you ca n do certain problem's in a jip. Because you do not want to be stuck in the exam going,

Highlander said...

PH :) seeking counselling are you ? lol jet lil mkan alsa7 :))

Nomad I'm addicted to internet 100% for sure.

Programmer_Craig I'd say you are 99% addicted to blogs even if you don't have one LOL

Lost Libyano if you don't mind I'd love to read your freshman paper - wanna email it to me :P