Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The best comment for July 2007

My blog - my rules :P so I'm making an exception and posting the best comment for this month early!

"For so long I have been waiting for God to come into my life, but I think
I have realized that God's arm's have been open all along, its just that I have
been keeping away. Why? I dont know.... Because letting go is so hard, letting
go of the hate, letting go of the anger, to break down the walls I have set
around my heart, to get rid of my pride, to get rid of my racism, to get rid of
my biases and prejudice's, it's a struggle, its a jihad, the greatest kind. "

Lost Libyano

That was the most beautiful paragraph I have read for a while, here is the whole comment if you are interested.


PH said...

Yes I agree well written comment ( post :p ) and I would say well thought out :).
I think he wrote it straight from his heart, very genuine feelings ......

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Highlander

Highlander said...

Thanks PH and A.Adam. I always maitain that LL is a genius rabi yihdih :)

mani said...

thats Lost Libyano right there :) salam bro

> said...

Thank You Highlander! For the comment of the month, and the nice statements:P.... Seriosly dude I am extreamly flattered.:P

Thank You Ph, a.adam, and mani.:P Salaam right back at u bro.

Highlander said...

You are welcome LL- you have come a long way from two years ago- inshallah you will succeed !

PH said...

Your welcome LL and keep it up :).