Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Best Libyan Blogs: Highlander's Award and the Ramadan Spirit

I have not done the monthly roundups of Libyan blogs for quite a while and lately it crossed my mind that instead I could do my own Libyan blogs competition and give the Highlander Award for excellence or originality once every three months or bi-annually. It's just a way to keep track of the blogger family and increase our exposure and keep us on our toes LOL.

The first one which crossed my mind was Hibo's blog about her late father . I searched and searched and could not find it anymore. It was going to be a brilliant homage to a great contemporary Libyan academic. Hibo explained that she has deleted it.

I know that it has been about a month now since a big misunderstanding took place between a few Libyan bloggers. I was advised to leave sleeping dragons alone since things might be cooling down and the waters may start to flow back again. Yet I feel that everyone is a bit on the edge now and I don't want the Libyan blogs to go the way of some others. I am extremely proud of our family and I want to see the same spirit of collaboration and jest that was there until a month ago. There has been a noticeable decrease in comments on some people's blogs and I think that affects the quality of the conversation. We are all mature people; Piccolina, Hibo and Ahmed have all made an apology, which is very generous of them and shows what pure souls they have.

In my opinion as someone who is neutral, I'd say none of you guys made any mistakes. The story if I recall was that Hibo started a lovely game, in fact her idea is so brilliant that I thought we could follow it up with more quizzes. It would have been so innovative. Piccolina picked on that and made a post from it in which she demonstrated her theory for the correct answer to the quiz. That post was so funny as well and it was absolutely flattering and great as it put Hibo in such a wonderful light. In fact is showed that Hibo is a genius at inventing games and making the Libyan blogs so interesting. The response on both posts was wonderful. Hibo and Piccolina you made such a wonderful team and Ahmed you were so nice to allow yourself to be the first in this online quiz.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what happened then- why the misunderstanding? But it got out of hand and as the Arab proverb says "if speech is of silver then silence is golden". Things escalated and posts were deleted. What a pity, as those were some of the most beautiful posts which demonstrated the joy, fun, originality and brotherly spirit of the Libyan bloggers and how much we are all young at heart and one family.

So what is my point ? I wish those posts would go up again. If there is something unsuitable in the comment section you can make that not show. The technology is available for that. It is also a few days only to Ramadan. This is the time of the year when we should not hold any grudges anymore not feel any anger/hurt towards anyone. I wish to see the two factions have a virtual hug, kiss and forgive.
Let bygones be bygones.

ما خلقنا السماوات و الارض و ما بينهما الا بالحق وان الساعة لاتية فاصفح الصفح الجمــــيل* إِنَّ رَبَّكَ هُوَ الْخَلاَّقُ العَلِيمُ

الحجر / 85 ـ 86

وسارعوا الى مغفرة من ربكم وجنه عرضها السماوات والأرض أعدت للمتقين الذين ينفقون فى السراء والضراء والكاظمين الغيط والعافين عن الناس ان الله يحب المحسنين

ال عمران/ 134

After all is not this what Ramadan is all about?

The Highlander Award for Excellence© will be ushered in on December 2007 until then keep the Ramadan Spirit on.

May the Blessed Spirit of Ramadan guide us all.



a_akak said...

First of all Ramdam mubarik :) and may allah forgive all our sins

I totally agree the blogs have gone quite and not sure why? but i hope things will start to pick up again

As for the other thing, I think it is all water under the bridge now :)

and as for the prize, I think i should get it! why? not sure why but i wont say no :P

Fe Aman Allah

> said...

Ramadan Mubarak Highlander:)

Anglo-Libyan said...

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family.

another excellent idea from you and I wish you the best of luck and hope that you win it inshaAllah, you deserve it :o)

Brave Heart said...

Slam HL, Rammadan Mabrook to u ,ur family and to all libyan bloggers.
i dont have any comments more wise than ur post, u explained enough.
about ur prize walhi i was thinking of BH'S prize as well, but i withdraw now, u r the Queen :), or i might do it if it has different idea compared with urs.

Akram said...

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family ..

PH said...

Ramadan Mubarak Highlander to you and your family :D. As for the award, if you're giving it out who's going to win it ????? :))))))))))).


Lebeeya said...

It seems I missed a lot while I was in Libya. Thanks for the summary. I really liked this post and you always seem to shed light on dark issues. I echo Anglo, you deserve the award more than anyone else :)

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family.

Omar Gheriani said...

Ramadan Moubarek to you and all your family and the people you care for...

ibeebarbie said...

Ramadan Kareem Highlander,
Bravo! Excellent post---none compare hands down. You were so eloquent in your words and truth to the topic at hand. I tip my hat to you dear sister. I believe if awards were to be given you'd definitely be the recipient of that award.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a prosperous Ramadhan.

Ramadhan Mubarak from Red

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and all the Blogsphere a Happy Ramadan!

‘Kul 3’am wanti Bekayer Highlander.’

Anonymous said...

Nice site! Greetings from Mexico! :)

Hiba said...

Happy Ramadan;and thanks for remember us..

About my father ,i am so lazy wallhi..i strted doing web about him..and i asked a friend of mine to help me..but i am still lazy..
you have to wait..for long times ,coues i will start work sunday..LOOOL
I did back again from long times after what is happeind but some libyan bloggers dont` saw me.
i visting some bloggers and sent my Comments..:)

My dear;that was something of the past..Things could change..
and when things changed also we got changed ourselvies.

Ahmed is a really Good person.and i am happy we did met :) and got some chat and fun.As sister and brother.
and pico my lettel sister.and one day i will meet her at the unvirstay if she acept.

I just Want to say.i Am sorry if i did said any words i dont`mean to hurt anyone by it.I have 1 bad thing in my personalt that i am Very sensitve Then nerves.
So,Please dont`push me for getting Nerves.

And If i said any kind of words shows that i hate anyone be sure that isnot` what i have in my heart. :)

Everytimes,People Got me Wrong.and that is what i really hated , pushing me to leave others..and stay alone..

Happy Ramdan Again.
And i Will be happy if you get chance to view my new bloggers(4).

Mujahada said...

Ramadan Mubarak Habibti!

Hiba said...

Saying i am sorry dont` mean that i did wrong things EveryTimes.
But when i say ,i am sorry i am sending you some flower to make you smile.

I did said,sorry for everyone i knew or i dont` know.

Good night

Anonymous said...


Ahmed-Radish said...

May I suggest myself as a compromise? I don't have a Libyan
blog, but I can try.

Brave Heart said...

Sallam HL
fasting is about eating and drinking not about blogging

Highlander said...

First of all thanks to each one of you for commenting and for your good wishes. I'm going to reply below to those who raised additional points.
Sorry for disapearing on you for so long but I can see that it is Ramadan LOL and I can't be missed that much hehe he.

So here we go...

A-akak well you deserve the prize so please continue to blog as you do and you can enter the competition :P

Anglo Libyan , thanks but since I'm giving the prize :p I'm out of the competition LOL

BH - please what is your idea all ideas are welcome you know :)

PH - you may yet win it too you know :P but thanks for the encouragement!

Ibeebarbie :) thank you , you qualify as one hell of a 'Libyan' blogger you know!

Hibo :) don't be sensitive my dear everyone loves you.

Hiba said...


كل سنة وانتي طيبة

قوليلي حاجة جديده غير اني حساسة

وعادي ياوخيتي يحبوني ولا يكرهوني
المهم بعد مانموت شن حايقولوا عليا

ليلتك فل يارب