Sunday, August 05, 2007

A dream come true

In October 2005 I wished aloud for a Libyan blog aggregator , in December 2005 LY-Hub blog was created by Hannu, in March 2007 , I created Libyan Blogroll , and in April 2007 Libyano gave us the wonderful Libyan Bloggers A-Z directory and the cool watermelon logo.

They are all great methods to keep with the ever expanding Libyan blogosphere, but none of them updates the posts to let you see at a glance who posted recently, i.e. none of them really had the function of an aggregator :).

Today PH has realised my original wish from 2005, he actually designed it! And although the main reason is that because his sister and family have become blog addicts too :P I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart. Because the layout is perfect now, and it is useful for all the Libyan bloggers family.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Libyan Bloggregator - tada .

So we got logos, blog lists with Libyan bloggers and those blogging from Libya, we have social interaction places, a non ending selection of cool blinkies by newbie Libyan blogger Mujahada ( welcome to the blogosphere to her ) and we also have a fully working rss feed aggregator ! Yipppppppppppeeeee

What more could I ask for now...ah yes if you are not featured leave a message to be added.


Hiba said...

That was so nice..
i am thinking to made anther new blogg for libyan bloggers,and have a new ideas, hope so,i will be able to find a free website about my dad,and a blogg and him too. insha allah

Good luck my sister

Highlander said...

Thanks Hibo:) Inshallah you can manage to do these two tasks I think especially the website about your late father and his work would be extremely useful and will add and enrish our famous Libyan people who contributed a great lot to Libyan society.

Anglo-Libyan said...

wow, fantastic, I am very impressed, well to done to ph, I always knew there was more to him :o)

thank you highlander for the links

LadyCroc said...

So nice-ah of PH to do the Libyan RSS feed blogroll!

However, I use Google Reader to view all my favorite blogs, including the Libyan ones. It has the facility PH was missing; namely the ability to show a short entry resume below the links.

Additionally, Google Reader works on my cell phone, too.

PH said...

Thanks for mentioning my new blog Highlander. You know most of the hits I've been getting have been from your post not mine :)))))))).


Libyan Violet said...

I know I've been away for some time but could you include me in the blog too please? I want very much to join the community.

Brave Heart said...

i'm always telling myself, the blogger family has a creative people.
plz go and sleep and dream by new and nice dreams to try to make them true

Hiba said...

i have did A bloger about my dad.
i just added it to my link,if you are intersting to read it.

best luck my dear sister

> said...

Shalom Fellow Libyans:)

I have FINALLY got my blog up, and I promise it shall stay up. So add me to the magical list asap's.

Danke Ph for you enchanted innovation greatly appreciated.


Highlander said...

You're welcome AngloLibyan it was all PH's work I'm just getting a bonus traffic from him :)

Safia that's a good idea as well we are indeed spoilt for choice :P

LOL PH you are welcome and you have made my life easier, also now many bloggers are shaping up if you noticed and starting to update their blogs :P

Hi Libyan Violet - Good to see you back :) I think PH has already added you.

Brave Heart LOL I still have a lot of dreams you think PH can make them true for me :P

Hiba I did visit the blog about your dad and left a comment.But today I don't see either of your blogs anymore :(

Lost Libyano please please keep your promise :) and welcome back !

PH said...

"Danke Ph for you enchanted innovation greatly appreciated."

You're welcome and I added your blog but its at the bottom so you'll have to work your way up :P.


Anonymous said...

i delet all my groups:)
i wrote That inot last update to akak,so u can read why.
But thanks for you care.

Mujahada said...

Thats so awesome! Thank you so much highlander! It's really cool!

musa and Julia موسى وجوليا said...

I've only just found your blog, so happy! I've just moved to Libya with my husband, so I'm especially interested in all things cultural with the kind of twist that you have... We have our own blog, because we're planning to go on a bike trip around the Mediterranean (though not Palestine, that'll remain a gaping wound until...) for justice, peace and art.
Have a look and add us to your list if we fit!