Saturday, August 25, 2007

Keyword Analysis August 2007

I'm sure you missed that aspect of my monthly posts especially as it shows interesting searches of how people end up here :P

10.34% al-libiya satellite web site
10.34% highlander blog
10.34% ly domain dispute
6.90% libyan women
6.90% why foreign men think lebanese women are beautiful?
6.90% libyan women dress
3.45% listen to album mbc new hits last prime
3.45% second life avatar french maid ( => he he he some people are obsessed)
3.45% pastor hagee idiot
3.45% the best of arab girls 2007
3.45% alone white rock arabic deodorant
3.45% watch grendizer free
3.45% pre-marital blood checkup
3.45% catchy sermon titles
3.45% life in syria
3.45% libyan blogs
3.45% syrian girls
3.45% farse control ait delete
3.45% lybia alyoum site
3.45% common roberto iza ( => who is this guy ?)

PS can someone tell me is it Lebanese, Syrian or Libyan girls ? Basically this to me means that Arab girls in general are the prettiest LOL


shlemazl said...

Arab girls are the most beautiful, without a shadow of a doubt.

Other most beautiful girls are: English, South American, Russian, Jewish, Indian and all the ones I haven't listed.

Highlander said...

Shlemazl, thank you for your comment.

Roberto Iza said...

Yes, Arab girls are the prettiest, though out of respect, I never more than glimpse. I have visited your blog many times from proxy servers,
but I have never lingered just to
look at your avatar.

Only while on Google search and particularly Google blog search,
did I realize how many are
afflicted. Many are the hearts that are dreaming, but only mine is worthy.

Highlander said...

Roberto well thank you those are beautiful sentiments so what makes you think you are THE one for me :)

Roberto Iza said...

Have you ever felt that it is not as much the luck of the draw as fate that has led your Google search to a given page on the WWW?
That's what I felt when I found your blog. The question is, What do you feel? You don't have to say yet. Take as many days as you need. Just think about it, dear highlander. Is there anyone I may talk to formally in the meantime?
Perhaps, he too has a blog.

Syung-soon said...

Roberto is saying the same things at the Korean blogs, except that there he says Korean girls are the prettiest, and only he is worthy of me. I am closer.


Ahmed-Radish said...

Hello, dear Miss Lonehighlander
(and dear Miss Soon).
If I may be so bold, I think I can
further expose the scandalous behaviour
so valiantly exposed by Miss Sung-Soon,
and which must have so deeply hurt you too,
dear dear Miss Lonehighlander.
The loathsome spineless scoundrel
mentioned by Miss Moon
has also made the rounds of the other very best blogs
of the world and has tried to flatter and confuse
other delightful lady bloggers, albeit none as
delightful as you, Miss Highlander or you Miss Sue.
Alas, he is not the honest gentleman he pretends but the most dreadful frog, viper, asp, or scorpion
ever seen in the nightmares of the prettiest and best,
among whom I consider you both the very best,
Miss Lonehighlander and Miss Lonehighlander.
I want you to know that you can depend on me
to stand guard sleeplessly and sacrifice for you both beautiful talented ladies,
Miss Lonehighlander and Miss Lonehighlander,
in your labour for Honour, Beauty, Truth.
Thank you, Miss Lonehighlander,
for affording me,
your unworthiest but most devoted
friend, this opportunity to express my deep admiration and
devotion for you both.
I beg to remain
your attentive servant,
Ahmed Radish

Syung-soon said...

Oh, Mr. Radish? Mr. Radish! What a lovely thing to say! Everyone calls me a lovely lady blogger, but not with as much conviction. Oh, Mr. Radish! Do you really want a smart
Libyan woman who rides a Harley Davidson? Stop wasting your breath on this paratrooper. You need a traditional soft Mongol princess like me. Come be my attentive servant.

Highlander, please, show a little gender solidarity! You have all the guys pining away for you like great big whales lost in the Great Man-Made River of Libya. Radish is a worm.

Right now, Radish! Get over here right now! This instant!