Saturday, August 04, 2007

Libya featured in Miss Arab World 2007

Congratulations to the Bahraini contestant for winning the pageant, Wafa is gorgeous check Mahmood for the official photo.

I once overheard a friend state that the most beautiful women in the Arab world are to be found in Syria - he in fact compared them to the fabled houriyas of Paradise.

What I did not know until Khadijateri brought it to our atttention , is that Libya took part in the competition as well. For more photos see here ( hattip Khadijateri ) .

<= Does anyone know who she is ? and who designed her dress? Both are understated beauty.

I may sound biased but I think in terms of beauty that Libya has a fair share of diversity and attractiveness rate. Libyan women are 'hot'.


Brave Heart said...

well i think Libya has two candidates in this competition,one is dentist and the second one is law student if i still remember.for me the most arab beautiful women is Joil Bohloq, lebonan beauty queen 97, i know i'm very old but i didn't update my memory since long time.
which diversity and attractiveness rate you talk about :-P,i think u must use my eyeglass

Brave Heart said...

check this link

Safia speaks said...

No that´s not right, Syrian women have too large noses, are too white and are only 5 feet tall. In general speaking...

Most beautiful women I have seen are in Lebanon; but of course it is hard to see, because Lebanese women wear buckets of lipstick and makeup.

Libyan women have a problem with their hair; too many Libyan women try to straighten out their curls and bleach their hair to look like Paris Hilton. The result is a disaster! Libyan women are brave women, adept and skilled and very independent - if they want to!

Tunisian women? Ew! They can´t even speak Arabic!

Egyptian women? Small, hard working, fat and talk too much.

Saudi women? Chickens with big lips and large noses!

Palestinian women? They hit like a man, but they use too much eye makeup kohl and they have too many kids even when after 40.

Moroccan women? Great cooks but they don´t seem to have invented the deep saucer for soups, sorry.

Yemeni women? Tiny, bony and they smoke too much!

...I could go on and on, so I´d better stop now before someone fires a bullit in to my direction :P

NOMAD said...

interesting show, what these colors blue, white and red on their "├ęcharpe" are representing ?

Highlander said...

Thanks Braveheart :) did you read the comments on the link ? that was hilarious! LOL@ Joelle yes she was pretty.

Come on you are so used to thinking about Miss Lebanonon 97 that you can see the pretty women around you... time for an eye check up.

Safia what about Kuwaiti and Iraqi and Sudanese and Mauritania and UAE and Qatari etc.. women :) ny opinion?

LOL@Libyan women and hair, yes we do have curly hair and many think it should be straight. But the curl is not the problem its the thsafsheef LOOOOOOOOL - when humidity hits we make a pretty sight with all that frizzy hair he he he... still Libyan women are quite pretty :)

Not sure about the colours Nomad I think It was just a catchy theme ?

programmer craig said...

I already stated my opinion on Khadijateri's blog. From what I can see in the pictures most of the women who participated are very attractive. A couple of them, not so much... but you never know. You can't always tell what somebody really looks like form a picture or two.

I really like the outfits they wore for this contest.

The best looking Arab women I ever met were two Syrian sisters I knew when I was a teenager. They weren't short, though... and they weren't light skinned either. So they didn't match Safia's description. Except for maybe the noses :)

Miss Libya looks really nice in that picture, Highlander. SO does Miss Bahrain in this picture:

Miss Arab World 2007 [From Bahrain]

Just going by the pics I can see, I would have voted for Miss Bahrain, Miss Libya, Miss Iraq, or Miss Lebanon.... I think.

PH said...

"and who designed her dress?"

Her dress looks like a silk "Irda" except she isn't covering her top with the part that is dangling down around her .... the thing is the pictures not clear enough to make it out ....


Mujahada said...

I think she's the prettiest. It's it not because I have connections with libya, I just like her best. Masha'Allah. I think she came in as 4th runner up.
I still can't believe the arab world has this though...

Highlander said...

Craig :) I liked most of the outfits and of course the head thing on the Miss Saudi contestant.
PH yes it a silk irda I think I love the design of our irda :)

Mujahada :) welcome to my blog and honestly I think Miss Libya is the prettiest too.
The Lebanese and the Egyptians have had Miss Egypt and Miss Lebanon contests for a while I think not sure about the rest!

a_akak said...

from what little knowledge i have, I hear that "the most beautiful arab girls are the Lebanese and the most beautiful libyan girls are the Garyaniat" and take note i am not from Gariyan .......

Brave Heart said...

ahmed take this information
the most beutful libyan girls from DERNA

The Lost Libyano said...

I may sound biased but I think in terms of beauty that Libya has a fair share of diversity and attractiveness rate. Libyan women are 'hot'.

I dont think you are being biased, your just being honest. Whats wrong with stating a fact? The Earth is round... Libyan Women are the hottest chicks on the planet.

Egyptian women? Small, hard working, fat and talk too much.

LMAO:P Dude that was

the most beautiful libyan girls are the Garyaniat"

Hmm well at least its Berber so I will accept the results.:P

Though all Libyan Women whatever part of the country they may hail from reign supreame.

Palestinian women? They hit like a man

Well its called adapting to your habitat. I imagine everyone has to hit hard in order to survive constant attacks from Blood Thirsty Genocidal Maniac's.

Its good that they are having children, it ensure's the survival fo the future, the fact that they are able to have them well after 40's should be divine proof from the Almighty on which side you should support in the conflict. Remember the story of The Prophet Zakariya (PBUH):P

Khadijateri said...

My mother in law is of the opinion that anyone who isn't cross-eyed is gorgeous!!... at least it seems that way to me...

Anonymous said...

I didn't


The Lost Libyano said...

Mashallah Ms.Morroco looks REALLY nice.

I read the artical from The BBC but more importantly I read the comment's beneath them. A women named Lubna from London asked what was the point of the whole contest?

It seem's that she felt degraded that women where being judged for their looks. I somewhat agree. These padgent's treat women like peice's of meat on display for the whole world to drool over and gossip about. I dont mean to suck the fun out of the room but their is much more to a women then their physical appearance. Miss Arab world should be used to encourage women's artistic and intelectual gift's, be they in art, religouse scholarship, other social science's, or natural sciences. Its a form of exploitation in my opinion. The only thing is that the Western Agent's Of Socialization mainstream it, so that we view it as a form of progression. I dont mean to sound like some kind of feminist but I am a strong beliver in women's equality to the male gender. And I feel that by parading these women around we are infact cementing certain Un-Islamic stereotype's dictating the female gender's intellectual inferiority. It show's that the only thing women have going for them is their physical appearance, and hence unlike men who rule the world, creat grand inovation's, ect The Female is not capable of such glory. She is small minded, and her only strenght is existance. She exist's in a state of beuaty, for all to gaze at like a work of art in a meauseam, she may be viewed for inspiration, but other then that she has no purpose. It's really sad to see the Arab world go from Aisha(RA)a upmost authority in the faith, and a women who raised a might army upon the battle field. Or from Lalla Fatima a learned Islamic scholar and Sufi Saint who also leed a platon of men against those who invaded her homeland, a women who went against all mindless social role's, and gained the respect of all those around her not by parading around in a dress, but by her knowledge and her character, and her unshakeable faith, and her steadfast resistance to the enemy of her people.

Libya's two canidate's are studying Law and denistry, while male's in Libya sit around holding up wall's..... Something to think about!

Highlander said...

a_akak :) No comment about the Lebanese, however about the Libyans I would say pretty Libyan girls come from all the regions :) this means I'm in agreement with Lost Libyano :P

My mother in law is of the opinion that anyone who isn't cross-eyed is gorgeous!!...
Khadijateri :) Hi long time no see, your MIL may have a point there :P she is indeed a wise woman!

Redneck please elaborate on your message!

Lost Libyano again actually if you noticed a hijabi won so it was not really about looks I think it was more about achievements :P of course being pretty is a bonus LOL. Anyway bravo to the Libyan girls they are making a path for themselve and they are pretty on top of it mashallah :)

Maya M said...

What language do Tunisian women (and men) speak?

Highlander said...

Good question Maya, I guess foreign influence had a lot to do with how people express themselves :)

" Foundations of a second French colonial empire were laid between 1830 and 1870, when Louis Philippe's forces penetrated Algeria and Napoleon III's seized Cochin China in Southeast Asia. Along with other European powers, France rode the post-1870 wave of new imperialism. By 1914, France had amassed an empire incorporating over 10,000,000 km2 (4,000,000 mi2) and 60 million people. In Southeast Asia the French pieced together the colony of Indochina by 1893, adding Laos, Cambodia (now Kampuchea), Annam, and Tonkin to Cochin China. Tunisia and Morocco became protectorates."

"Tunisia's independence from France in 1956 ended a protectorate established in 1881. President Bourguiba, who had been the leader of the independence movement, declared Tunisia a republic in 1957, ending the nominal rule of the Ottoman Beys. In June 1959, Tunisia adopted a constitution modeled on the French system, which established the basic outline of the highly centralized presidential system that continues today."

75 years of French protectorat is enough to make people speak a lot of French if this is what they taught at school and if it was the official language for business and government :P

In fact older generations speak more French than Arabic. Thankfully since education was Arabized more the younger generation speak more and more Arabic as now French is taught since grade 3 only :)

" Children enter school at the age of 6 for a 9 year period divided into two stages. The first six-year stage takes place in primary schools. The second three-year stage is offered by lower secondary schools. Education is compulsory for children aged from 6 to 15. The language of instruction is Arabic and French is taught as a second language starting from grade 3 (k+3). At the end of basic education (k+9), students are streamed either to secondary schools or vocational training."

"Foreign Influence: Because the French administrative system was used to structure the Tunisian government when Tunisia was governed as a French protectorate, the Tunisian government-supported education system is infused with many of the principles and structures of the French educational system. However, Arabic is currently used as the language of instruction in Tunisian public schools, with French taught as a second language starting in the third year of primary school and English taught as a third language beginning in the seventh year of school, i.e., the first year of secondary school. (Only fairly recently did Arabic become the official language of government in Tunisia, and French and Arabic are both used as languages of commerce.) Other foreign languages are also offered to Tunisian students as they proceed through the secondary grades."