Saturday, August 25, 2007

Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution 101

Blogger subzero blu posted some great tips which can help for maintaining peace.
I personally think they are useful both in politics and relationships, which is why I'm going to copy paste them below. For further details check the original article on this site.

"1. Slow down the action
2. Listen well
3. Give the other person the benefit of the doubt
4. Acknowledge the other person's feelings
5. Be strong without being mean
6. Try to see a conflict as a problem to be solved
7. Set your sights on a "win-win" solution
8. If you don't seem to be getting anywhere in solving a conflict, ask for help
9. Remember that conflict, handled well, can lead to personal growth and better relationships
10. The true heroes and heroes of today's world are not the Rambos.[sic]"


PH said...

Those are good tips, I usually try to step into other peoples shoes when I fall out with them, to find the middle ground between us .... even though I find it harder to step into the shoes of people from cultures I'm not familiar with or who speak languages I don't understand :P.


> said...

Good Tip's.

Danke for posting Highlander, you are what I would call a positive aspect of the agent of socialization known as the world wide web.

The true heroes and heroes of today's world are not the Rambos.

I beg to differ with you on that one, if anything their is a need for more "Rambo's" nowaday then ever. Rambo is a part of the male gender's inherant nature. Maybe because you are a women, you do not understand, it's a dude thing.:P

Highlander said...

PH - I always try and step into other people's shoes - because of that I'm called a softie :P

Lost Libyano hmm seen in this light we may need a Rambo. My mother aways says after we watch Rambo that one Rambo should be sufficient to solve the Israeli Palestinian crisis :P

PH said...

"because of that I'm called a softie :P"

What do you mean? am I a softie ? :)))).

Stepping into other peoples shoes to resolve differences is good; but there is a limit to the number of times one should do it to give the people he differs with the benefit of the doubt ........ If you're overdoing it then it could be said that are a softie ....... but you're a girl thats a good virtue for you ( being soft ) it doesn't work for us guys though :P, at least we can't leave that impression :))))).


Highlander said...

lol@ being soft for a girl :P PH شينو هذا