Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Future of Marriage: "I do" Mr Highlander !

Since I spend most of my time in some way or another online, whether for work or pleasure, it looks more and more like this will be how I will get married one day :P


" do you accept him as a spouse?

yes - no- cancel "


Anglo-Libyan said...

hahahahaha so funny and probably true for some :o)

i wish you the best inshaAllah

Brave Heart said...

i would like to join this scheme as well :P

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Highlander,
Oh my goodness that's really funny.

I have some dear friends here in the U.S. that are from Sudan and they've shared with me how some of their friends and family members have actually had marriage ceremonies over the phone.

a_akak said...

lol lol lol, why not? we are in the digital age and you never know "al-naseeb" might be on the net

Fe Aman Allah

libyan. said...

This is a really funny one.

Safia speaks said...

So true - in some cases!
But why not?
At least you´ll have something in common being both computer nerds LOL!

PH said...

LoooooooooooooL that is so funny, but it doesn't seem to be to far from the truth of such matters :P.


globetrottingrien said...

It's cute.... some have gone a step further, seeking annulment by text messaging on the cell phones... how sad!

Highlander said...

Anglo Libyan Thanks

Braveheart let me know when you find a way ...

Ibeebarbie Salams yes I heard about the phone marriage - Sudan is leading on that :)

A_Akak - Al naseeb still looking for it ...

Libyan - thanks yes I agree.

PH :P not that much he he he

Red - yes annulment by mobile I think it started in Malaysia actually. So LOL Sudan get married over the phone and Malaysia divorce by sms. We are so into the 21st century :P

enlightened spirit said...

very funny , and I agree it is not so far from the reality...

NOMAD said...

well, seems to me that's very platonic again !

when will the real meeting going to happen :lol: ?

Benghazi Citizen said...

well,the truth is a friend of mine got married a person she met on line,,,,and she is happy...He is not Libyan but they are very much inlove,and they are happy with their beutiful baby girl...
So,after all,it is not science fiction any more,the (I DO)on line are here :)
Funny post
Benghazi Citizen

Roberto Iza said...

The way the U.S. dollar keeps falling, such a wedding no longer sounds as crazy as it would have just a wee while back. Anyway, no one in the world could afford gems worthy of you, let alone your dowry.

Fast it sinketh, as a thing the U.S. dollar.
Betwixt the stars and the unaccomplished fate,
the heavy heart of a man sinketh
but not his high regard for thee.

Highlander said...

Enlightened :) welcome to my blog - actually you are right lots of people are meeting, dating etc.. online

Nomad:) it is indeed platonic ..

Benghazi Citizen :) - correct I've met such people as you describe as well.

Roberto Iza not sure you can actually afford Highlander's dowry..

Maya M said...

The above words illustrate what progeny you can expect from such a marriage ;).
They are Bulgarian for "Dad", "Mom" and "Grandma", typed single-handedly by my elder son (4).
I have difficulties accessing the computer when he is at home.