Friday, October 19, 2007

Post- Ramadan blues

Ramadan has come and gone; the Eid el Fitr followed it and warmed our hearts. Thank you friends and readers for your best wishes each one made a difference.

This year Ramadan and Eid have been very special to me. I enjoyed every bit of it and the Eid was wonderful with all the individuals who made it so. This year like every year our house was full, only this year it was even more so. I took lots of photos to try and capture the moment, with the cousins, neighbours friends and uncles and aunts, and also the pets. No none will be published – sorry!

I've written about the Eid before, so if this is your first time on my blog, please read this post to familiarize yourself with the rituals and traditions.

Meeting the immediate and extended family is the highlight of this three day celebration. The children can catch up with each other and play. I liked Khadijateri's initiative: "Bringing along a deck of Uno cards was a very good idea. It kept the older kids busy. I also brought my laptop along and filled all the boys mp3 players with music, so they were happy. And the smaller kids played with some pre-school/toddler games I put on the laptop just for the occasion.[sic]" (She probably is their heroine now! ). Moreover, it is also an occasion for the grown ups who may not meet often in these busy times to find out about each others news, the trivial and the important. However, in such a large crowd there will most probably be no time for intellectual discussions as fellow blogger Khadijateri laments: "Aside from interrogating each other about where they bought their Eid clothes and how much they paid for them, they talked about all kinds of really stupid and boring interesting things."

It does not matter what the conversation is about, we are among our people (family and tribe) so all masks are down, there is no need to compete about Dostoyevsky, Shakespeare or even climate change LOL, who cares even the best hair removal method can make for an interesting topic: P

For me the Eid "is my favourite Muslim feast, and it is one of the most important in the Muslim calendar, on a par with Christmas, it is not an orgy of food at least not in Libya. It is more of a time to put feuds and misunderstandings aside and thank God for his blessings. It is the time to forgive and be forgiven by friends and family. In brief it is a time to start a new leaf, turn the page and clean one's heart and soul in a process which started in Ramadan with the discipline of fasting. This is the real meaning of the Eid and Ramadan and this is what I strive for. My own jihad "[more].

Here's to many more happy Eids to come and kisses and hugs to those who have made my Eid so special.

More serious blogging will resume shortly!



10860 nights of Tripoli said...

lucky u, my Eid was not much fun. few visits only, and the rest i spent it doing nothing lol.
Wish you all the best and Happy eid..

Anonymous said...

Glad to know we all go through the Eid much the same. Looking forward to the next Eid (and all the hard work that comes along with it). - no time for cards or computer games with that one.


libyan said...

I am making a campagne for ghazi.
vote for him.
i have to link on my blog

LadyCroc said...

You are so right: eid is about turning a new leaf.
My eid was probably the best eid ever! Who gives a damn about food when you are with wonderful people?!

Highlander said...

Aladdin - doing nothing ? come on you could at least have written more installments about your US trip :P

Khadijateri:) lol @ no time for computers or cards. Actually I enjoy the Eid ,the children's noise ,meeting the family and the gossip :P

Libyan, thank you for your comment, I already voted for Ghazi and we are proud of him :)

Safia lol I totally agree :)

10860 nights of Tripoli said...

hey highlander , i actually did post the first 5 days of my Trip and unfortuntly it seems nobody read it loooool . i know Washington DC might be a bit Boring, but the next posts about the other places will be much more fun hehe

Safiya Outlines said...

Salaam Alaikum,

I came to your blog via Loulou's.

Masha Allah, your Eid sounded wonderful and full of good intentions. May Allah swt reward you for this.