Monday, May 28, 2012

Convoluted conspiracy or total stupidity?

When I read and watch utterings such as these in Libya which are labelled stupid and which  actually contribute to  greatly alienate   the very people who believe they are the most marginalized  in Libya by pushing even the non-federalists in the lap of the federalists...[link]

 A horrible thought strikes me what if those core members of the NTC are actually aware of what they are doing and this is how they help their cause  without getting the blame ?
Sort of like a hugely convoluted conspiracy theory ?

As in when they say : we resort to force if we have to [prevent federalism] , this would make the Libyans who are the most stubborn people on earth actually shift towards this choice right in the arms of the federalist as a reaction!

Makes it easier to accept than outer stupidity or evil :(
Seriously if federalism sees the light it would be largely due to the outwardly  weird actions of our transitional government than to mass movement(s)  supporting this in Libya.

That's my very very uneducated guess  as I have no idea and no way to find out how many Libyans are pro- federalism.

NB: this is not a post about pros and cons of federalism, nor a discussion about federalism.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying that the NTC is saying "no fed" to strengthen "fed" positions?? That does sound a slight bit paranoid in my ignorant ears.

What I do think, however, is that people in (or near) power who speak of Libya's best do (more or less consciously) take their own best into account...

Highlander said...

Are you saying that the NTC is saying "no fed" to strengthen "fed" positions?? I guess that's exactly what I'm saying Oceankid :P every step they do has led to this .... but then hey paranoia is not new to me ....