Friday, May 04, 2012

Freedom of Speech blown to smithereens in Libya

If for a few moments some Libyans allowed themselves to think that there is hope for freedom of speech in the new Libya. This contemplation has just blown apart commando style with the newly issued law that criminalizes the 'glorification of Gaddafi'.

Loyalist beware and anyone non loyalist even describing some 'positive' aspects of the previous era risk life imprisonment if someone reports.

Sounds familiar ? yeah of course we had that only a year ago :)

and it seems for whoever drafted this law that the war is not over. I really hope this turns to be a hoax. Not sure how this type of law can promote reconciliation. This is not the transitional justice Libyans have been waiting for and risks making any one still harbouring loyalties to Gaddafi into feeling they are actually fighting for a good cause.

All these shocking laws are overshadowing our happiness with the voting registration process.

It can't just be a smokescreen to derail the election process ?

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Anonymous said...

Heh, well reminds of how senator McCarthy defended freedom by imprisoning [or at least hampering] journalists with flawed ideas about freedom!