Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Shoot to kill !

Remember the Brazilian guy who was killed by police in the London underground?
Apparently someone leaked a document which contradicts the earlier version of how he died.

Basically he was NOT running away, he did not know he was tagged, he did not jump the gate and was shot 11 times ( 8 of them in the head) inside the tube. I saw a partial photo of the guy in one of the paper dailies here in London this morning .

"There was no suggestion that this person was a suspect in any way, that he was running from the police".

Moreover, for those readers in the comment section who disputed about whether the policemen were wearing a recognizable unifom ....please read this :

'But had the normal procedures taken place in which a warning is given and officers wear specially marked clothing then this young man may not have been killed.'

In summary the guy was not a terrorist and hence no one was saved by murdering him point blank. Sad isn't it?
Therefore 'shoot to kill policy' is not such a good idea after all, and the 'threat of terrorism' is no @#@@#@ excuse.


removedalready said...

Saw it on CNN. Gosh it was gory. Some of the facts weren't true. In fact he was shot in the tube. Before he was shot he was grabbed by someone, then a number of men came & shot him 7 @ 8 shots to the head & 1 at the shoulder * may get my facts wrong* suddenly that person saw the guy fell to the floor @ the aisle. He didn't put on a windbreaker but jeans jacket. They even showed the pic of him on the floor.

programmer craig said...

I just saw a story about the arrests by the FBI of some terrorism suspects in Lodi, California... they were interviewing local residents.

I have to admit, I was a bit taken aback by what a lot of the resients were saying. A lot of "them" and "they" comments... "they aren't all bad but unfortunately..." "they make me nervous" "I wonder about them" kind of thing.

The "us and them" stuff is something I don't hear very often in Southern California. I guess it's different in Central California.

I don't know what to make of this story about the brazilian man... either it was gross police misconduct, or there's something they haven't gone public with. I don't know about London police, but we've certainly had our share of scandals about police misconduct in the US.

Highlander said...

Redenclave and PC , I know it is so terrible these messed up arrests and the 'us and them ' attitude.

Anonymous said...
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AlanK said...

hi highlander just back online after some computer trouble

yes something is up about this story, but will wait till all the facts are available before judge it but so far it appears the police made a terrible mistake. Also one of the officers involved got sent on a free holiday which was pretty odd as well

removedalready said...

computer trouble? Must be the latest computer virus!

programmer craig said...

Just saw a big negative story on this in the US news... he wasn't running when he got on the tube, wasn't wearing a bullet prrof vest, etc, etc, etc... sounds pretty bad.

It'll be interesting to see where they go from here - investigation or coverup?

removedalready said...

The Brazilian govt is sending their investigators to the UK. I hope there are new evidence which will prove how messed up the british intelligence are! I remember asking this question in my blog "How intelligent are the Intelligence Officers?"

Plus there's another controversial issue coming up on CNN about the WMD. Saw 5 minutes of it this morning! Proofs how dumb & evil Bush is!

highlander said...

sooner or later , many stories will be uncovered... God has is own ways...

Anonymous said...

To mistake the Brazilian guy for a terrorist bomber is only human especially in such highly charged atmosphere when you are charged with the responsibility of the safety and security of a huge and highly vulnerable system like the London underground network.

But for the London police chief after, having committed the very human and forgivable mistake, to try to cover it up with lies and manipulation of evidence is an unjustifiable crime for a man at his position. It indicates that the guy deep inside is nothing but a crook. I raise my voice with those requesting that the bastard should be sacked. He simply could not be trusted in any other future event. I think that he should also be tried for lying and misleading the public.


programmer craig said...

Hmmm... Bill O'Reilly has picked this up. He seems mildly (for him!) irate that he backed up the British police on this and now it looks like it's been a coverup. I think the heats going to go way up on this story soon.

highlander said...

yep P-Craig, this is not the end of the story I guess..