Friday, April 09, 2004

The motives for western warming relations towards Libya:

[..] The motives, however, are rather more cynical. An energy crisis is looming for Britain and the US. Libya produces high-quality, low-sulfur crude oil at very low cost (as low as $US1 a barrel in some fields), and holds 3 per cent of world oil reserves. It has vast proven natural gas reserves of 46 trillion cubic feet, but actual gas reserves are largely unexplored and estimated to total up to 70 trillion cubic feet. [The Guardian]

So ok let’s be diplomatic and seize the moment , make the most of it , go forward , try to modernize our infrastructure ( that is if we are not bled for every penny ) and why not be friends and amicable ( nothing to loose and everything to gain), but never forget that all these rapprochement and entente cordiale are not that altruistic in nature.

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