Friday, April 09, 2004

My RANT to some people on the comment section of Healing Iraq :

Thank you Zeyad for the beautiful post of April 2 , Fallujah, a God forsaken town

At the risk of being bulldozed with hate -words by some of the crowd commenting there I would like to strongly object to them (more than 100 comments) calling Syria, or other Iraqi neighbouring countries hotbeds of Alqaeda ..why do you people say this? Why do you think anyone who takes up arms against America an insurgent , baathist or whatever other names . Why do you keep insult Arabs ( Muslim, Christian , Jew and atheists alike ?) on a blog about Iraq . Have you at least travelled to these places? Do you speak Arabic ? Do you know anything about Arab culture? Are you willing to learn about it not just do some googgling for appropriate material to know what you are talking ahout ? Sometimes I get the clear impression that the recruiting grounds for so called terrorism are in Europe from the disenchanted youths. Why are we all so quick to lay the blame at other people's doorsteps?
Next you'll be advocating carpet bombing neighbouring countries just so the US army feels safe in Iraq. I would like to remind you that whoever has gone to Iraq , has done so with full knowledge that this is a war-zone not a trip to Disneyland. Therefore mercenaries, servicemen ‘contractors’ or even humanitarian agencies are not there working for free , even those helping to rebuild Iraq! It pays well, but the price sometimes may be their life. I deplore the awful way these American contractors have died and feel sorry for their families who have witnessed this back home.But they DID know what they were in for. Most of you live comfortably in your homes and have no idea of what is it like in a conflict area, so I wish you could also refrain from calling every place where something happens to an American a festering hole. People want to move on I'm sure, but they must also chase their own demons.
For those happy with fencing off a city similarly to the occupied Palestinian land, did you just stop to think that it would be imprisoning people in their own country by a foreign troop? I wonder how far that would go towards winning the hearts and minds. Even the silent majority may cross overboard .

You see Arabs may put up with a dictator of their own kind but a foreigner ?!? eventually they will rebel. If the Fallujah incident resulted in one good deed it is that it showed the world that sunni and shia are united Iraqis , by the way Kurds are sunnis as well if you were not aware of this. Today 9th of April , many of us are watching on TV the blood curdling butchering perpretrated by American troops against residents of Falluja ( maybe you have been spared this sight as your channels do not broadcast it ) . For me in Libya it is the same pain that I feel , and I find myself breaking into tears at my people dying in there. Some westerners wonder where are the Arabs and why are they not helping the Iraqis? My answer is that they are helping in many ways but perhaps the most obvious way is fighting the occupying forces/coalition troops.Moreover, any Arabs offerring help have been immediately branded as foreign devils or minions of Alqaeda . I know I’m not on the ground there you would say , but to the majority of Arabs it does look like an occupation .. sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings .


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