Friday, April 16, 2004

Spring cleaning

Funny how when you are spring cleaning you come across a lot of stuff which was usually put on hold in your 'to review' box:

(1)This excerpt is from an email from a computer programmer friend of mine on 06/03/2002 : 6:57 AM

"Yesterday I was showing one of my trainees how to enter his password which was the number 100. When it was his turn to do it, he asked me should it be SMALL OR CAPITAL ;)
( the guy was a recent English learner ) tells you how hard my job as an instructor can be . "
(2) Another thingy is this interview with Nelson Mandela - a personal hero of mine.

(3) Libya is slightly larger than Alaska.

(4) For a very brief Libyan History check this site.

(5) This is the most comprehensive site about Libyan Cuisine & Recipes I could find .

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