Monday, April 19, 2004


What a coincidence Alan K. and some other people where inquiring yesterday about any visible reforms in Libya after the scraping of weapons of mass destruction.

Well this is the latest breaking news from Tripoli: Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi on Sunday called for the abolition of Libya's three decade-old exceptional courts and other strict laws .During talks with judges and prosecutors, he urged delegates meeting across the country since Saturday in weeklong annual People's Congress forums to annul the laws, which were passed three years after the 1969 Revolution. He also called for an end to arrests without warrant and urged the congresses to endorse international anti-torture conventions. Please ignore obvious typos etc. and remmember that those guys are just learning English , also this link of Sunday 17th will remain alive only until Friday .


On another note regarding how the media may not be telling you all the truth - I kept coming across this piece of news : "Monday, 19 April, 2004:Libya's internet access seems to be getting back to normal after one of the strangest weeks in the history of the web: the whole country "disappeared" from view this month. Following a dispute about the ownership of the country-code top level domain .ly, the nameserver running the domains stopped answering requests for .ly on April 7, followed by the secondary nameserver on April 9, meaning that none of the estimated 12,500 Libyan domains could be accessed. In effect, the entire country had gone offline. The problem seems to be a dispute between two different organisations as to who governs the .ly domain: while has been running the .ly domain for several years from a base in the UK, another organisation,, is claiming ownership. [ITP]"
Look this is simply not true as you can see I have been able to blog , surf, write emails to many of you especially this past week please draw your own conclusions.


We also had a huge pro-Iraq and Palestine march today across Tripoli, the protesters went up to the UN headquarters .

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