Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Best Arab Blogs Award nominee ? cool

I was reading Kuwait Unplugged as usual, when I noticed that he mentioned being nominated for Best Arab Blogs Awards in several categories, and he really deserves it ! Best Arab Blogs Award was set up by Mahmood a blogger from Bahrein at Mahmood's den this guy rocks. Anyway I went to the link to vote for Zaydoun of Kuwait Unplugged ( voting started yeserday) and I was pleasantly surprised to find that yours truly has been nominated as well in 3 categories for best Arabic (English) blog, best everyday life blog and best politics blogs. I wish to thank the anomymous person who nominated my blog : THANK YOU that was so sweet of you.I wish I knew who you are, didn't think people would notice my ramblings ;)

Now for anyone reading here, if you have the time go and enjoy Zaydoun , Mahmood and the Best Arab Blogs Awards websites, you will find links to lots of interesting subjects and countries.

Personaly I am going to vote for Kuwait Unplugged and Riverbend from Baghdad Burning , and if it was not too late I would have nominated O, from the Iraqispirit .


smokey spice said...

No time to chat. My computer is still possessed by I don't know what.

MABRUK!!!! I'm going to try to vote for you...if you pray, my internet connection just might last long enough.

AlanK said...


make that 4 categories, as for some reason you have been nominated in the best Egyptian blog

good luck with the rest will vote for you, (but not best egytian blog)


Highlander said...

Thanks smokey_spice and Alan I think you're my most ardent fans ;) ...I'm having problems with my laptop too ...firewall crashed and it's swamped with viruses ...time for a cleanup I guess :))