Monday, January 24, 2005

Food for thought #2 (2005)

'We have to recognize once and for all that people do not think as we command them to think or as it would suit us for them to think; that the truth is not the monopoly of any particular group or profession; and that, when the illuminating rays of truth touch anyone in any corner of the world, the event alters the geometry of all that was known before. And the clever people are those who keep a close eye on where these rays are appearing or disapearing; who can distinguish between brightness and darkness ; and who do not lock themselves into darkness forever by shutting their eyes. '

Abdolkrim Soroush Contraction and Expansion of Religious Knowledge p.9


Anonymous said...

Right On Highlander

Way to go my friend. This one of the most beautiful
thoughts I have read for a long time.

I sure hope we all act on these inspirational words.


Highlander said...

Yes I absolutely love that quote, I think I will have it framed.