Thursday, January 27, 2005

African blogroll and other places I like

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that many Africans were blogging from my beloved continent ( after all I'm African too ) check out this quite extensive list with relevant links. Hope you will enjoy another aspect of the blogging world.

On another note I made friends with a Maltese blogger ( * me waving to Robert*), since I love Malta very much, ladies and gentlemen I give you a 'window' on Malta : WIRED TEMPLES.

Many emailed me that they could not find the link to vote on the Arab Blog Awards, well obviously it was because I only linked to the site per se and not the voting section - as you probably noticed I did not canvass for votes . But if you are really interested than why not? here it is
* best Arab ( English)
* best every day life
* best politics

oh boy blogging has become an addiction, better go to sleep now.


AlanK said...


here is another blog from south africa so a fairly distant, also has some links to others on it

Almost Supernatural

+ another from egypt


Michael said...

Thanks for the African blogs. Bookmarked the portal.

Highlander said...

Thanks Alan, I do read the sandmonkey on a daily basis.
Michael good to see you here man. :)